Té Verde Detox Detox Benefit Magic Hair Oficial
Té Verde Detox Detox Benefit Magic Hair Oficial
Té Verde Detox Detox Benefit Magic Hair Oficial
Té Verde Detox Detox Benefit Magic Hair Oficial

Detox Green Tea

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Detox Green Tea

The main basis of the ¨Green Tea Detox¨ is the colon cleansing and the diuretic effect, with this treatment you do a general cleansing of the organism, it eliminates all the toxins that you may have in it. Therefore it cleans blood, colon and helps improve the appearance of the skin, improves intestinal transit and activates your metabolism; Detox Green Tea will help you protect your urinary system by maintaining the PH balance and cleaning excess accumulated fluids. It is ideal to start the process of weight loss and effective in reducing measurements of the abdominal area.

The ¨Green Tea Detox¨ is a 4-day treatment based on 100% natural drinks. There are a total of 10 shots, distributed as follows: 3 drinks hot (night) and 7 drinks that are prepared in fresh water (day).

Detox Green Tea is a product that allows you to detoxify your body. The lifestyle that we lead, the disordered and unbalanced diet that we consume and the lack of exercise or sport, causes the liver to generate more fat and then store it in excess, likewise we accumulate toxins that do not allow the supplements that we use to lower lose weight are just as successful as other people, which is why it is important to do detoxification treatment to improve your liver function, rid yourself of toxins and increase your energy levels. With the use of Detox Green Tea you will even be able to have more willingness to do physical activity, get up earlier, perform better at work or at the University, etc.

In general, you will feel much better in several aspects: you will see your abdomen deflated, your intestinal transit is regulated and you quickly reduce measurements.

Invima Sanitary Registry NSA-004660-2018

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3 colon cleansing drinks.

4 diuretic drinks

2 restorative drinks.

1 regulatory drinks.


Detox Green Tea Benefits

• Detoxify congestion in intestinal transit

• Eliminate mucus

• Eliminate environmental chemicals

• Eliminate harmful food additives

Purify the blood

• Purify the lymphatic system

• Fight bacteria , viruses, fungi, mold and parasites.

• Restore energy to the whole organism

• Reduces inflammation of the body, especially abdomen area.
• Helps reduce fluid retention

• Help in weight loss processes.

• Regulates metabolism .

Customer Reviews

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Paola O.G. (Santiago de Cali)

Realmente de todos los detox que he probado, este fue realmente funcional...muchas gracias!