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Deluxe Mommy Tea

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Deluxe Mommy Tea

New improved formula for mommies in the POSTPARTUM process or for those mommies who are breastfeeding . Contains FIBER, CHAMOMILE, CARDAMOM, EGGPLANT AND GINGER.

The ¨Te Deluxe Mommy¨ is an infusion created to help you live your motherhood in a more serene and vital way:

• Helps you with the anti-inflammatory process.
• Promotes hormonal balance.
• Facilitates your digestion .
• Helps you regulate metabolism .

Here we know that in addition to MOM, you are a WOMAN and we want to accompany you in your postpartum process.

Powder mix to prepare delicious instant tea drink. Mommy Tea is an infusion of natural extracts to control anxiety, eliminate retained fluids, reduce inflammation in the abdominal area, accelerate metabolism and reinforce the natural process of LIPOLYSIS (mobilization of fats or hydrolysis of triacylglycerides). It also acts as a natural antioxidant and immune system booster. It is an incredible option to take between meals. Best of all, Deluxe Mommy Tea increases nervous system activity in a positive way, which helps improve mood every day and prevent depression.

Plus of our tea:

  • No added sugar.
  • Low in calories.
  • Sweetened with Stevia.
  • Yield for 50 shots.

Important: if you are a mother in the postpartum process, we recommend using the ¨Te Deluxe Mommy¨ 30 days after giving birth, as long as the conditions and/or health status of the mother and baby are completely normal.


We also offer you our new product "Deluxe Mommy Plus Tea" with an improved formula, to accompany you in the pregnancy, postpartum and lactation process. If you want to know more about our new product you can click here.



Contents of DELUXE MOMMY TEA for postpartum comes in a 300 gram bag.


Main Ingredients of Deluxe Mommy Tea for Postpartum

- cardamom
- Eggplant
- Ginger
- Chamomile


How to Take Green Tea Deluxe Mommy Postpartum

It is recommended to have a cup of Deluxe Mommy Tea a day (preferably in the afternoon as a snack option).

In a cup of hot water put half a measuring spoon (it's inside the package) stir and drink, it is not necessary to sweeten, but if you want to do it, preferably do it with stevia or natural honey.

It is recommended to eat a balanced diet, restrict dairy products and alcoholic beverages to optimize results.

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