Matcha Express Kit - Ceremonial

Matcha Express Kit - Ceremonial

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Matcha Express Kit - Ceremonial

This kit includes the following three products: a Matcha Tea unit, a Nite Shake Protein unit and a Thermogenic Gel unit.


Deluxe Matcha Tea is a delicious powdered mix to prepare an instant Matcha Tea drink. The tea used in this product is ceremonial grade Japanese tea seed.

We could replace a coffee with a matcha without thinking twice. Contains all the properties of ceremonial grade matcha (the highest degree of purity). Ideal to start the morning, accompany breakfast or a snack in the afternoon.

Why do matcha come in smaller presentations?

A cup of matcha tea equivalent to 10 cups of traditional green tea, the matcha line is our high-end line, because they are 100% concentrated, 100% pure teas, free of preservatives, free of dyes and are sweetened with stevia organic.

And the most important thing is that there are 3 types of matcha tea on the market, and our line was manufactured with the highest degree of purity, which is *CEREMONIAL DEGREE MATCHA* certificate.

A single gram of ceremonial matcha tea contains more than 137 antioxidants and can increase caloric expenditure up to 43%, that is why this line is not quantity but 100% quality, purity and effectiveness.

Plus of our Deluxe Matcha Tea:

- Without colorants.
- No artificial flavors.
- No preservatives .
- 100% pure and concentrated.



Scientific studies affirm that whey protein contributes to the increase in muscle mass and physical strength, and to the loss of body fat; however, it also has many other nutrients.

Our protein has a vanilla flavor and is made from whey protein, it contains Swiss vitamin premix (more than 12 vitamins, among which we can highlight vitamin C, E, A and many more), it also contains L carnitine, omega-3, 6 and 9, hydrolyzed collagen, oats, apple fiber among other highly functional components for the body.

Sweetened with Stevia with a delicious Vanilla flavor.

Only 45 calories per serving

Sanitary Registry INVIMA RSA-0010214-2020


Thermogenic Reducing Gel is excellent for activating cold areas and eliminating retained fluids in specific areas, with a powerful thermogenic effect.

Benefits of Thermogenic Reducing Gel:

* Reduction of adipose tissue.

* Active circulation and vessel dilation.

* Thermal effect in the area.

* Tissue purification.

* Tensor effect in the treatment area.

* Tones tissue.

* Improves flaccidity.

* combat glasses and spiders.

Sanitary Registry INVIMA NSOC84835-18CO


If you want to know all the properties of Matcha Tea, we invite you to read the following article from our blog: "Matcha Tea, What it is, Properties, Benefits and How it is Used"

If you are BREASTFEEDING, we recommend using our "Deluxe Mommy Tea" which is safe for postpartum and lactating mommies. If you want to know our Deluxe Mommy Tea, you can click here .



The Content of DELUXE MATCHA TEA comes in a 100-gram bag, which is enough for 20 services.

the size of the "NITESHAKE PROTEIN " is 500 grams.

The size of the Thermogenic Reducing Gel is 220 grams.


Main Benefits of Deluxe Matcha Tea

• Accelerates metabolism (Increases daily caloric expenditure by up to 40%)
• Provides electrolytes and prevents fatigue.
• Extremely satiating (it will allow us to control anxiety during the day).
• This drink has protective effects on the gastric mucosa (it is capable of reducing the appearance of ulcers).
• Excellent option to replace coffee, chocolate and other drinks that are high in sugar and/or that do not provide any type of benefit.


How to Drink Deluxe Matcha Tea

  • hot drink: In a cup of water, put 50 ml of hot water, add two measuring spoons of the product (the measuring spoon is inside the package) stir until foam comes out, then complete the cup with 200 ml of hot water and drink, it is not necessary sweeten, but if you want to do it, preferably do it with stevia or natural honey. Enjoy a delicious drink. After preparation consume immediately.
  • Cold drink: In a cup of water, put 50 ml of cold water, add two measuring spoons of the product (the measuring spoon is inside the package) stir until foam comes out, then complete the cup with 200 ml of cold water and ice cubes to taste , it is not necessary to sweeten, but if you want to do it, preferably do it with stevia or natural honey.   Enjoy a delicious drink. After preparation consume immediately.

    How to use NITESHAKE whey protein

    Mix one scoop of NITE SHAKE protein (measuring scoop comes inside the jar) with a glass of your favorite liquid (can be mixed with water, milk, non-dairy milk, low-fat milk, soy milk, etc.)

    Vary the amount of liquid to achieve the desired consistency and flavor. It is recommended to consume two to three times a day.

    This product is intended to be a dietary supplement only. Do not use it as the sole source of nutrition. Keep out of the reach of children.

    How to Apply the Thermogenic Reducing Gel

    Our gel has a powerful thermal effect, in such a way that the first three days it is applied in very small quantities, this in order to test heat tolerance. Go increasing the amount as the days go by according to the degree of tolerance to heat.

    Apply 2 to 3 times a day with a circular massage (abdomen - legs - buttocks)

    Important: Remember to apply the gel gradually, since its thermal effect is activated 5 minutes after the product has been absorbed.

    The results are the product of the constancy in the use of the product, in addition to an active consumption of water and a balanced diet.

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