Kit Duo Té Deluxe Fiiber Plus - Magic Hair Oficial
Té Deluxe Fiiber Plus - Magic Hair Oficial

Fiiber Plus Deluxe Tea Duo Kit

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Fiiber Plus Deluxe Tea Duo Kit

This kit brings two units of our Deluxe Fiiber Plus Tea.

DELUXE FIIBER PLUS tea provides you with one digestion per day. Powder mix to prepare Instant Tea drink. Deluxe Fiiber Plus Tea helps maintain healthy digestion, fighting slow intestinal transit and activating liver functions.

We dehydrated and pulverized red fruits to give it an exquisite flavor, but 100% natural, and the result was incredible.

Our new formula is HIGH IN FIBER , which contains: Yellow Tea, Golden Flaxseed Meal, Chia Seeds, Jamaica Flower, Aloe Vera, Strawberry, Blackberry and Yacon. Formula totally free of excipients and sweetened with Stevia.

Fiber can be consumed at any time of the day, the important thing is not the time, but that we meet our daily requirement.

Sanitary Registry INVIMA NSA-0008985-2020



What is Deluxe Fiiber Plus Tea for?

• Excellent body alkalizer
• Fights slow intestinal transit
• Skin freer of impurities
• Formula to activate hepatic functions (liver functions)
• Invigorating and antioxidant
• Purification of toxins through urine
• Does not cause stomach damage.


Deluxe Fiiber Plus Tea How To Take It?

Fiiber Plus Tea has several ways of use:

  • Cold Drink: to a 250 ml glass of cold water add 1 measuring spoon of FIIBER PLUS, mix well and that's it.
  • Hot Drink: add 1 tablespoon of FIIBER PLUS to a well, then add the hot water, mix well and that's it.
  • Frapé drink: add 2 tablespoons of FIIBER PLUS to a 250 ml glass of cold water, add 4 ice cubes, place in a blender and stir. This is how you get a fiber-rich frappe.
  • Snack: to a cup of Greek yogurt you add 2 tablespoons of FIIBER PLUS, crush a sugar-free cookie, sprinkle it and you have a delicious healthy snack and/or dessert option.


The Duo Te Deluxe Fiiber Plus kit brings two bags of our Fiiber Plus Tea, each bag is 300 grams.

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