Colágeno Natural + Biotina en Cápsulas | Magic Hair | Magia en tu Cabello Colágeno Magic Hair Magic Hair Oficial
Colágeno Natural + Biotina en Cápsulas | Magic Hair | Magia en tu Cabello Colágeno Magic Hair Magic Hair Oficial
Colágeno Natural + Biotina en Cápsulas | Magic Hair | Magia en tu Cabello Colágeno Magic Hair Magic Hair Oficial
Colágeno Natural + Biotina en Cápsulas | Magic Hair | Magia en tu Cabello Colágeno Magic Hair Magic Hair Oficial

Natural Collagen + Biotin in Capsules | magic hair

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Collagen is one of the most important proteins in our body, as it is found in joints, muscles, gums, bones, skin and teeth.

What is Collagen for?

Natural collagen provides elasticity and resistance to the skin, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bones, being necessary to maintain muscles and organs.

Natural collagen keeps many of the body's organs in perfect balance and gives elasticity to the skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

Collagen is normally found in the body but over the years it is depleted. Several ways to realize that the natural collagen in our body is beginning to be lacking is due to the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines, flaccidity, joint discomfort, loss of bone mass and finally the arrival of degenerative diseases.

What is Biotin?

The Biotin is one of the vitamins that contributes the most to maintenance of healthy hair, that is, without fall, with volume and shine . Known as the "skin, hair, and nail vitamin," biotin is also called vitamin H and vitamin B8 .

Biotin favors the growth of rapidly reproducing tissues, such as skin and hair . In addition, it is involved in the metabolism of fats. On the scalp, this translates into more elasticity and less hair breakage , resulting in greater protection against hair fall . If you want to know more about biotin you can read the following article from our blog by clicking here .


Benefits of Natural Collagen in Capsules

– Collagen in capsules hydrates and strengthens the hair: because it helps the hair fibers to grow stronger.

– Collagen in capsules repairs sick and brittle nails: because it helps nails to become stronger.

– Collagen in capsules helps reduce expression lines, wrinkles, blemishes, scars, cellulite and stretch marks: collagen offers flexibility to the body's tissues, causing the skin to become elastic and wrinkles to decrease

– Natural collagen reverses the aging of the body due to bad habits such as alcohol, cigarettes, stress, lack of sleep.

– Natural collagen is an aid in muscle regeneration, reducing knee, back and hip pain: due to its anti-inflammatory properties

- Natural collagen provides benefits to the cardiovascular system.


COLLAGEN AND BIOTIN CAPSULES: Vitamin supplement that strengthens the hair root preventing hair loss, stimulates its growth, provides shine and softness; strengthens nails and generates firmness and youth to the skin. Since it contains a large number of nutrients, vitamins and proteins that provide what your hair needs. Jar contains 60 Softgels (200 mg collagen and 150 mg biotin per capsule)


Consume one capsule on an empty stomach and one capsule at night.

Take with hot water for greater absorption.


The products are suitable for all types of hair.

They do not interfere with dyes or keratins.

They don't change the color of your hair.

They do not contain salt or parabens.

They can be used in both men, women or children.


How to take Collagen + Biotin in Capsules

The ¨Natural Collagen + Biotin in Capsules¨ must be ingested by taking one capsule in the morning and another capsule at night.

Customer Reviews

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Paola A.B. (Bogotá)

Me han gustado las cápsulas de colágeno + biotina. Puedo decir que he sentido el cambio desde el primer mes, el pelo se me estaba cayendo a montones y ahora ha disminuido muchísimo la cantidad de pelo que se me cae en la ducha. Las recomiendo :)

Gleys H.L. (Barranquilla)


Maribel L. (Medellín)

El producto es muy bueno, lo recomiendo

Erika R.V. (Santiago de Cali)
Excelente producto

Las capsulas de biotina y colágeno, han sido muy satisfactorias para la caída del cabello. Aunque yo tengo una condición por hipotiroidismo, que acelera la caída, he visto que me ha disminuido en comparación antes de usar el suplemento.
Por ejemplo al lavarme el cabello ha disminuido bastante, al igual que al peinarme o simplemente pasar los dedos por entre las hebras. Un producto muy completo.

Anónimo (Bogotá)

Las uñas se han fortalecido y crecido muchísimo es tanto así que he comprado mi segundo tarro!!! Me encanta

Dayana L.V.A. (Villavicencio)

Ya había tomado de estos productos y mis uñas no crecían ni nada, pero estuve juiciosa de 1 en el día y otra en la noche y a mitad del tarrito ya tenia uñas crecidas y crecían más rápido y súper durita. Me impresionó porque de verdad no me crecían.

Anónimo (Barranquilla)

Me han crecido las uñas demasiado! Las tengo muy bonitas y fuertes. Amé el producto. Al mes y medio (frasco y medio) empecé a ver los cambios evidentes.

Yaneth C. (Rionegro)
Excelente producto

Cápsulas altamente eficientes, completamente tolerables incluso si tienes un organismo sensible

Tatiana R.v. (Bogotá)
muy buen producto

se siente el cambioo