Anti-Spam Policy

OFFICIAL MAGIC HAIR has a zero tolerance policy with spam emails

OFFICIAL MAGIC HAIR uses strictly Opt-In databases. This means that MAGIC HAIR OFICIAL will obtain the prior and explicit permission of its subscribers before adding them to its databases. Therefore, OFFICIAL MAGIC HAIR does not send any spam or work with any company that does.

Accepted Lists

Addresses collected from the OFFICIAL MAGIC HAIR website through a subscription form, customers or people who give their email addresses to receive a newsletter or members of your organization.

Denied Lists

Databases purchased or rented and email addresses copied or found on the Internet.

If you wish to update your personal data on this site, go to the My Personal Data menu. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us at

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If you want advice about our products or have any other questions you can contact us, you have many ways to do it, the following are the contact forms that we offer you:

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Do you have questions about how to place your order?

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