Still do not know the money of the future? Do you know what are the cryptocurrencies that everyone is talking about? Are there only bitcoins or are there more types? We update you on the new payment method that you can use to pay for your products at Official Magic Hair. Although it is a payment method that few still use, cryptocurrencies are already well known and accepted in banks, countries and companies, and now you can use it with us. Virtual money has been, for a few years, a reality in the current world in which we live. Cryptocurrencies are a type of alternative currency used in the online environment. That is, a digital currency with decentralized control, as opposed to traditional and centralized currencies and those issued by central banks and which are used above all in Internet operations. The first cryptocurrency, called bitcoin -the most used currently-, appeared in 2009 and since then, many others have appeared such as Ethereum , DAI , Bitcoin Cash , USD Coin and litecoin . They all have one characteristic in common: they are mainly used outside of any banking institution and are exchanged over the Internet. In practice, the cryptocurrency can be used in any type of transaction, both commercial and financial. It can be used to pay for purchases online or in some physical stores such as restaurants, clothing stores or supermarkets. And for anyone to use this alternative currency and be able to pay with it, they only need to meet two basic requirements: have a digital wallet that you can download with a mobile app and maintain a cryptocurrency balance in it.

Pay with cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have advantages that make many people around the world choose them as a payment method for their online purchases. The first of these advantages is that there are no intermediaries in the transaction, it goes directly from one person to another. The operation is also performed immediately and is accepted in almost all countries of the world. The operation is very simple, you only have to scan a QR code given to you by the person to whom the payment is going to be made and indicate the desired amount, it is only necessary to have Internet access. Another advantage of using cryptocurrencies is decentralization, no country or institution can control them and thus taxes and fees to send money are minimal. In addition, cryptocurrencies are extremely safe and the privacy of the users is assured, since the data is not public as it happens when using a credit card from a bank.

Best cryptocurrencies

Today there are more than 2,500 virtual currencies around the world and new ones appear every day. What differentiates them is the technology -although almost all of them use Blockchain-, the encryption or the philosophy they use. But the most used at the moment are:

  • Bitcoin . Although it has suffered numerous ups and downs, Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to hit the market, still occupies the first position in all the lists. Experts say that its trend is upward, although it has increasing competition.
  • ethereum . It is the second most used cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It is more varied by allowing the development of smart contracts with its platform.
  • Litecoin , created by ex-Google employee Charlie Lee in 2011, was released as an alternative to bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Cash . Generated to process more transactions per second than Bitcoin.
  • DAI : A virtual currency that can be used by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Dai is a stable, decentralized currency that does not discriminate.
  • USD Coin : The USD Coin (USDC) is a type of cryptocurrency that is also called “Stablecoin” or stable price. So called thanks to the fact that each USDC is backed by one US dollar, reserved in a bank account .

Where do you accept cryptocurrencies?

If you don't know where to start spending your bitcoins, at Official Magic Hair you can pay for your order with your cryptocurrencies, safely and easily. You will have a way to do it: At checkout, you will be redirected to the Coinbase Commerce module and there you must select the cryptocurrency for payment, we offer you the following currency options to pay for your order, you can click on the cryptocurrency of your choice for further information:

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