Lunar Calendar 2023

Moon calendar 2023

A lunar calendar to find out the best days to cut your hair or wax, the phases of the Moon and the best times for garden tasks.

This biodynamic lunar calendar shows you the phases of the Moon and allows you to decide the best time for each task in the garden, but also the best days to cut your hair or wax so that the result is more satisfactory. Here you can check the lunar calendar for 2023 month by month .


We started 2023 in January with the Quadrantids shower , one of the most active meteor showers of the year and with its maximum intensity between the 3rd and 4th, just three days from the January full Moon , which will take place on Saturday the 7th and which is known as Luna de lobo. The new Moon also falls on Saturday, the 21st.

You can expand this information on the lunar phases of January and what happens in the sky this month, together with the best dates to cut your hair or wax according to the Moon, in the lunar calendar for January .


In the month of February we will enjoy a full moon on Sunday, February 5, 2023. A few days later, on Tuesday, February 7 or Wednesday, February 8, the peak of a low-intensity meteor shower known as the Alpha-Centaurids will take place.

Expand this information on the lunar phases, what happens during the month in the sky and the most recommended days to cut your hair or wax according to the phase of the Moon and its position in the firmament in the lunar calendar for February. 


The March equinox or the beginning of spring are some of the milestones that mark the month of March. The full Moon arrives on Tuesday the 7th and the new Moon with the premiere of spring on the 21st.

In the lunar calendar for March you will be able to read more about all these phenomena, in addition to consulting the best dates to cut your hair and wax according to the Moon .


The warmth of spring begins to show and the month of April brings us the first of the four eclipses of the year: a mixed or hybrid solar eclipse, which will be visible from Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea. It's a rare type of eclipse that starts as annular and ends as annular, but becomes total in between. It will be on the 20th.

As every year, April also brings us phenomena such as the meteor shower, the Lyrids, whose peak will take place on the night of Friday 21 April to Saturday 22 April, without the Moon interfering with its visibility this year.

Check all the details of the lunar phases and the different astronomical events of the month in the lunar calendar for April . You will also find the best dates to schedule your waxing and haircut .


In the lunar calendar for May , in addition to discovering the most favorable days to cut your hair and wax according to the lunar phase and orbit, you will see that there will be a shower of stars called the Eta-aquarid rain.

Two weeks later, approximately after the solar eclipse last month, a penumbral lunar eclipse will take place, specifically on May 5. This eclipse will be visible in some parts of Europe, as well as in other parts of the planet. On the 29th you will also have Mercury at maximum elongation , which will be a great time to observe it.

Check now the lunar calendar for May to know more details. You will see that the full Moon falls on the same day 5, the day of the eclipse. This Full Moon is known as the Flower Moon .


In the month of June we have a full strawberry moon on Sunday the 4th and we will celebrate, of course, the summer solstice . The night, the shortest, promises to be quite dark, as we will just have left the new moon behind (Sunday the 18th).

You have more information about it and about the best days and times to cut your hair or wax in June in the June lunar calendar.


At the beginning of the month, on Monday the 3rd, we will be able to enjoy the first supermoon of the year , a full Moon that looks brighter and larger than usual due to its proximity to Earth. At the end of the month, on the 30th, we will enjoy the moment of maximum intensity of the Southern Delta Aquarids meteor shower .

In addition, we will tell you the best dates to cut your hair and wax according to the lunar calendar for haircuts and waxing for the month of July, taking into account the lunar phases and the position of the Moon in the firmament. Consult the detail in the lunar calendar for July .


The month of August is going to be a very special month in the lunar calendar this year. Not only will we enjoy the usual summer meteor shower, the Perseids , but we will have two full moons, and super moons too!

On Tuesday the 1st the first full moon of August (and second supermoon of the year) will take place and on Thursday the 31st we will have a full moon and supermoon again. Being the second within the same month, it is known as a Super Blue Moon .

You can read more about all this in the lunar calendar for August , in which you can also check the best days to cut your hair and wax this month.


In the lunar calendar for September you can check the ideal days to wax and cut your hair, as well as the phases of the Moon for the month. In the northern hemisphere we will celebrate the autumnal equinox ; in the southern hemisphere spring will be inaugurated.

The September full Moon falls on Friday, the 29th . Being the full Moon closest to the autumnal equinox, it is known as the Harvest Moon . It will be, again, Supermoon and it will look bigger than usual.


Keep in mind the lunar calendar for October to achieve longer-lasting hair removal and more beautiful hair, scheduling these treatments on the most favorable dates according to the Moon.

In October the full Moon falls on Saturday, the 28th, and we will be able to see two meteor showers: the Draconids and the Orionids .

But the highlight of the month will undoubtedly be that there will be two eclipses:

  • An annular solar eclipse on Saturday, October 14, visible as annular in the western United States, Central America, Colombia, and Brazil, and as partial in Spain and all of South America.
  • A partial lunar eclipse on Saturday the 28th, coinciding with the full Moon, visible in eastern America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Also throughout Spain.


To find out more about the lunar phases and the best dates to cut your hair and wax , you can consult the lunar calendar for November .

This month the full Moon takes place on Monday the 27th and we will witness another meteor shower: the Leonids .


The December lunar calendar brings us the best dates to cut your hair or wax and the lunar phases, but also information about the Geminids and Ursids rain .

On Thursday, December 21, the winter solstice occurs, when autumn will give way to winter. Barely a week later, as the calendar reflects, we will enjoy the December Full Moon or Cold Moon , which falls on Wednesday, the 27th.


Lunar and planetary cycles have repercussions in a multitude of areas, but without a doubt the most studied is that of agriculture, and That is why the Lunar Calendar is so appreciated among lovers of horticulture .

Our ancestors looked at the sky to schedule their crops. And they have transmitted to us that wisdom achieved throughout the centuries. His method was empirical: their only tools were observation and direct experience gained harvest after harvest.

This ancestral knowledge is reflected in a Lunar Calendar , since it reveals the numerous advantages that can be obtained by carrying out some activities following the cycles of the Moon.

But in addition to agriculture and crops, that observation over the millennia becomes applicable to other biological processes. The cellular activity of the hair growth, for example, it will be more or less intense depending on the lunar cycles.

It is interesting to take a look at the Lunar Calendar to decide when to cut our hair if we want it to grow stronger and shiny or at what date and time to wax so that it lasts as long as possible.

Lunar and planetary influences can also be applied with good results in other areas of life. everyday life such as cutting nails, skin care, massages, the best time for fasting, preparing fermented foods and even choosing the day and time for dental or surgical interventions.

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