Moon Calendar 2022

Phases of the Moon 2022

Biodynamic calendars allow you to decide the best time for each task in the garden, but also the day to cut your hair or wax. Here you can discover how they work and consult those of 2022.

Lunar calendar for January 2022

In the first month of the year we can enjoy the Quadrantids rain , with its peak on days 3 and 4. You can expand this information and check all the dates to cut your hair or wax according to the Moon in the lunar calendar for January here .

Lunar calendar for february 2022

Check the lunar phases and the best days to cut your hair or wax in the lunar calendar for February that you will find here .

Lunar calendar for March 2022

The time change, the equinox or beginning of spring and the maximum western elongation of Venus and Mercury are some of the wonders that the lunar calendar for March brings us . You can check it here .

Lunar calendar for april 2022

The heat of spring begins to be felt and the month of April brings us astronomical phenomena such as the Lyrid rain . Check all the details of the lunar calendar for the month of April here.

Lunar calendar for May 2022

In the lunar calendar for May , in addition to discovering the best days to cut our hair and wax, we will learn about the eta-aquarid rain and the second supermoon of 2021. There will also be a total lunar eclipse , which can be seen in the east Asia, Australia, Pacific and America. Check it here .

Lunar calendar for June 2022

The month of June is full of astronomical phenomena. We will celebrate, of course, the summer solstice and welcome the new season. A few days before, an annular solar eclipse can be seen in northern Canada, Greenland and Russia, which we will also partially enjoy in northern North America, Europe and Asia. You have more information about it and about the best days and times to cut your hair or wax in June in the lunar calendar of the month .

Lunar calendar for July 2022

At the end of the month the Delta Aquarids meteor shower will take place. We also tell you the best dates to cut your hair and wax according to the July lunar calendar , which you can consult in detail here.

Lunar calendar for August 2022

You will find the phases of the moon, the meteor shower, the Perseids, and the best days to cut your hair and wax them in the August lunar calendar .

Lunar calendar for September 2022

In the lunar calendar for September you can check the ideal days to wax, cut your hair or sow, in addition to the phases of the moon of the month. In the northern hemisphere we will celebrate the autumnal equinox; in the southern hemisphere we will inaugurate spring.

Lunar calendar for October 2022

Keep in mind the lunar calendar of October to achieve longer-lasting hair removal and more beautiful hair. In October we will be able to see two meteor showers: the Draconids and the Orionids.

Lunar calendar for november 2022

A partial lunar eclipse will take place in mid-November and will be visible in America, northern Europe, eastern Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Ocean. We will also witness two other meteor showers: the Taurids and the Leonids. To also know the lunar phases and the best dates to cut your hair and wax, you can consult the lunar calendar for November .

Lunar calendar for December 2022

The lunar calendar for December brings us the best dates to cut your hair or wax and the lunar phases, but also information about the Geminids and Ursids rain.

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