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Hair Tonic Hair Growth | magic hair

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Magic Hair Hair Tonic for Hair Growth

Hair tonics are a state-of-the-art supplement for hair that improves the resistance of fibers and scalp.

Men are also concerned about the well-being and appearance of their hair, if you want to help take care of it and reduce less hair loss, Magic Hair Tonic may be the answer.

Why use a Magic Hair hair tonic?

The basis of healthy hair is a cleansing and moisturizing routine in the shower and with the right products for each type of hair. The use of a shampoo and a conditioner is the basics that all hair needs, including theirs, but there are also extras that can be added to reinforce your care if necessary, such as tonics.

Hair tonics have the function of reinforcing the structure of the hair and strengthening it. They are the perfect complement for daily care, since they invigorate the hair, stimulating its growth and preventing capillary fragility that causes abnormalities, from alopecia to the appearance of seborrhea, dandruff, etc. They are used after washing the hair and are applied based on friction.

Our hair tonic contains onion which provides the following benefits:

- Activates blood circulation in the scalp.

- Accelerates hair growth.

- Decreases hair loss.

- Regulates excess oil, itching and dandruff.

- Returns strength, volume and shine to the hair.

Sanitary Registry INVIMA NSOC00883-20CO


It is used every other day on damp or dry hair:

  1. Separate the hair into sections and apply the hair tonic to the partings on the scalp.
  2. Then massage gently.
  3. Let it act overnight for best results.
  4. It does not need rinsing. Style as you like.
  5. It does not need to be removed from the scalp.


Contents of the Tonic for Rapid Growth:

Content 60 milliliters.

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Juan D.A. (Medellín)

Aun no logro notar diferencias, pero espero obtener buenos resultados de manera en corto tiempo

Ginna P. (Bogotá)

Es un producto maravilloso, es un bonus con el acompañamiento de los demás productos, excelente.

Maria a.R.A. (Armenia)
Me encanta

Me encanta en verdad si hace crecer más rápido el cabello