What's new on Instagram 2022

Instagram throughout this 2022 has surprised us with some functions and updates with the aim of improving our user experience . In this article we will show you what the trajectory of adjustments was this year, so you can stay up to date. If you have any questions, receive our advice so that you can have great sales in this application by clicking here.



The Chronological Feed:

The option to sort our feed in chronological order and not based on the algorithm came back this year. This is undoubtedly one of the innovations on Instagram that aroused the most interest among the users of the application, since they had been demanding it for a long time.

Also, the algorithmic feed continues to be an option for those people who decide to view their content in this way. If you choose to set up your feed chronologically, you can set a list of “ Favourites ” that will display at the top of your feed, so you don't miss anything they post.

Reels are priority:

In a global strategy where premium the video (to deal with the unstoppable TikTok) several new features have been incorporated into Instagram for content in video format:


Stories up to 60 seconds:

Previously, stories were only up to 15 seconds long. If you wanted to upload a somewhat longer video to your stories, Instagram cut it into sequential parts. Throughout this 2022, the option for our stories to last was incorporated up to 1 minute . The fact that the stories are longer means that we spend more time in the application, we consume more content and the creators make better stories.

Reels Boom:

Although in 2021 they already wanted to give the Reels a big push, making them appear so much in the feed as in section explore, as well as granting it its own button in the central part of the menu, this 2022 its use was enhanced and made improvements . As a reminder, in 2022 the option to make advertising in Reels.


Music in Stories:

Another novelty of Instagram 2022 is the power add music directly to the stories without the need to add the corresponding sticker. Which streamlines the way we create content in the app.

Editing in carousels:

We consider ourselves a huge fan of Instagram carousels. But we don't like it at all when one of the published photos no longer convinces us and we have to delete the entire carousel... This 2022, Instagram incorporated power as a novelty delete one or more photos inside a carousel , without having to delete everything.


Greater protection for minors:

In their fight to protect minors from inappropriate content that (unfortunately) we can find on Instagram, adults will no longer be able to label to minors in publications not to mention them in Stories.

Also as a novelty, when a minor has been viewing the same topic for a long time, Instagram will begin to show another type of content , thus preventing minors from becoming "obsessed" with the same topic.

In addition, in March it was launched a tool for parents with which they can see the time their children spend in the app and establish a usage time limit .

Other news for Instagram announced

Among other innovations, the following stand out:

  • Changes and news about the Messenger service and the way it integrates with Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • Elimination of photos and videos of massive way of users who were minors when they uploaded that content and no longer want it to be visible.


However, some improvements are still needed, especially for Reels content. For example, being able to save Reels inside folders like you can do with normal posts. Or a slightly easier way to edit the Reels by adding text. Or also, being able to add input and output effects to images or videos without having to use an external app.

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