Tips to show your products on Instagram.

Being one of the five most popular social networks in the world, Instagram, With its potential advertising reach of nearly 1.5 billion people, represents an impressive opportunity to start colonizing this market.

It does not matter your type of business, if you have an international company or a small local store, if you develop a good communication strategy for Instagram , you can increase your database and your sales. Discover in this article how you can inspire people to buy your products. If you have any questions, receive our advice so that you can have great sales in this application by clicking here.


Develop the habit of posting about your products.

Create posts about your products on a regular basis, for example, on a certain day of the week, so that your community members develop the habit of looking at your products regularly.


Reveal the process behind the creation of your products.

Show your community members behind the scenes with stories so they can see the hard work that goes into making your products.

Show all the variations of your products.

Present all the options of your products so that customers can choose different colors, sizes and types of material.


Produce featured stories for different products.

Stories can disappear after 24 hours, but you have the option to highlight specific ones that show certain products on your profile.



Use a background.

Think about colors and textures that will help make your products stand out, like a white or patterned wall. You can use a piece of fabric as a background.

Share photos and videos that your customers have posted with your products.

When customers tag your product in photos and videos, ask them for permission to share them on your business account.


Create tutorials on the different ways people can use your product.

Use stories to generate step-by-step guides or share longer videos on IGTV.

Encourage interaction to build trust.

Use the question sticker in your stories so that people ask about your products. This way, they can get more information about your items and feel confident when making a purchase.


Announce products before launch.

Show glimpses of your product without fully revealing it, for example, capture images from different angles without fully revealing it.

Use the countdown sticker in your stories.

Announce your product release date with the countdown sticker, which you can find by tapping when editing your stories. Encourage your followers to touch remember me so they know when the day finally arrives or to select share countdown in your own story.


Put the products on sale on launch day.

Don't forget to remind customers that they can buy right away with a simple call-to-action like “Tap to buy” in the post's photo or video caption.

Go live to answer questions.

Use the live streaming feature in Stories to show your followers the moment you make your new product available to them and answer customer questions about this product in real time.


Create a hashtag for your product launch.

It can be as simple as #yourproductname. Encourage followers to use the hashtag when ordering the product on launch day so you can share it to your business account later.

Produce multiple posts for your most popular products.

Look at statistics and metrics, such as product views, to discover which products members of your community interacted with the most. You can generate more posts for those products to build trust around the sale, both in the feed and in the stories.


Include a call to action at the bottom of the photo or video.

Adding a call to action to your photo or video captions to encourage people to take an action, such as “Tap to Buy,” is a great way to effectively remind your community to make a purchase.

Show your products regularly.

It can take shoppers a while to decide whether to buy, so feature your products in regular posts to keep them in mind.


Feature a creator who uses your product.

From public figures and artists to entrepreneurs, creators are central to Instagram communities. Seeing creators using specific products can spark your followers' interest in these items, so be sure to tag the creator in your photos and videos to highlight them.

After reading this article, you already know some ideas to boost your sales on Instagram. If you would like to receive extra advice, know how to start distributing our products or start selling on Instagram, we invite you to click here . 


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