Keys to grow your business on Instagram

Do you want to start selling online and don't know how? Today, Instagram It is one of the most used platforms for online purchases, since it is simple, comfortable and accessible. This platform is in a constant increase, having more than 1,478 million monthly active users , Instagram has managed to reach 36% of the Colombian population. It is the favorite platform for users to search for information about brands, products and services , where more than 80% of them make decisions about whether or not to buy a product. Users go to Instagram to gather information about the brands they want to buy, this is a fact and one of the variables that changes the course of this application . In this article we are going to provide you with the keys to create a community of followers on Instagram and start your online business process. Follow our advice and start your own business, it's worth it:

1. Five tips to use Instagram and have more engagement.

  • Use Instagram Reels and Stories
  • Generate content based on games
  • Consumer promotion campaigns
  • excite your audience
  • Encourage dialogue with the audience

2. Keys to grow your business on Instagram

  • Promote and optimize your profile
  • Tailor the content to your audience
  • Use hashtags
  • Share your content on other platforms
  • User Generated Content
  • Measure, measure and measure again


5 tips to use Instagram and have more engagement

Commitment or engagement is a term used in marketing to refer to the relationship between company-audience. On Instagram, that engagement is measured by interactions—likes, comments, saves, shares—that take place on your account. Engagement on Instagram is essential, since the platform will be based on your statistics to know if it should recommend them to users, this is known as the application's algorithm, which helps you to have more visibility based on your commitment. Here are some tips to grow your business on Instagram:

Use Instagram Reels and Stories

More than 500 million users a day watch stories , this short video format lasting between 15 and 60 seconds, has become the favorite format for users to consume content on the platform.

This type of content transmits a feeling of closeness and gives the possibility of quickly interacting with surveys and questions , offering the user instant and easy-to-consume content.

Generate content based on games

Resorting to the creation of content through gamification solutions is a very effective strategy. The options are practically endless: roulette games, scratch cards, word searches, riddles, finding the differences, completing a sentence, etc. At this point, the famous contests that brands resort to to boost their communication also enter.

The key to applying gamification to your content on Instagram or creating contests is that you adapt it to your products or services. But it is just as important that content based on games or hobbies draws the attention of users, as it is to have an attractive gift catalog that is worth participating in. If you want to find out more about our catalog to distribute products on Instagram, you can purchase it here .

Consumer promotion campaigns

Instagram is the perfect platform to boost sales of a brand's products and services. This is so because it has great visibility potential thanks to the wide range of possibilities to generate interaction within the platform.

By carrying out consumer promotion campaigns, we can retain consumers with a wide variety of promotional mechanisms.

excite your audience

With moving your audience, we mean humanizing the brand , making it close. By sharing content with which your audience feels identified, engagement will be guaranteed. How do you get an audience excited? Knowing very well its profile, as well as that of your potential clients.

Do not forget to listen to your audience and ask them to share experiences or experiences. We users love to leave our opinion and feel that we are heard. At Magic Hair Oficial you can view our testimonials , so you don't have any doubts and start being our distributor .

Encourage dialogue with the audience

In relation to the previous point, making publications that encourage participation through simple questions or surveys is a very useful strategy to improve engagement and will give you very useful information regarding your products or services.

The use of emojis is very effective in these cases to stimulate participation, because it is a quick and easy way to respond.


Keys to grow your business on Instagram

Improving engagement on Instagram without having recurring and loyal users will not help. You must get your target audience to reach your Instagram account and decide to stay. These are the keys to impact your followers and make them decide to stay. That is, grow your business on Instagram:

1. Promote and optimize your profile

Inform on your website , blog and the rest of the social networks that you have as an entrepreneur that you have Instagram. Through the app settings, settings>account>switch to professional account.

2. Tailor the content to your audience

As an entrepreneur, share interesting content that gives value to your followers. It is advisable to establish strategies beyond selling. Instagram does not sell, but builds loyalty.

3. Use hashtags

You can use hashtags to increase your reach, have greater visibility and make it easier for other users interested in your topic to find you. Some examples are: #instagood #tbt #diasoleado #feliz #peliculas #netflixandchill #makeup #love #nature #vsco #aesthetic #instastyle #makeupartist #vegano #petfriendly #lovely #gatos #instafood

4. Share your content on other platforms

Instagram is a platform that gives us the opportunity to quickly and easily share images on Twitter and Facebook, so you can take the opportunity to unify your content.

5. User Generated Content

Invite them to post their own posts with a custom hashtag for the occasion, or directly mention the name of your Instagram account profile. The result will directly affect the satisfaction of your customers and the degree of commitment acquired.

6. Measure, measure and measure again

Utilize Instagram Insights within the app, where you can see post engagement, clicks to your website, and helpful demographic data about your audience.

Now that you know the keys to growing your business on Instagram, will you put them into practice? If you are interested in learning more and receiving personalized advice, you can write to us here .


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