Changes and news on Instagram 2023


Although the year has just started and there is still a long time ahead, some updates and news are already known that will arrive on Instagram in 2023.

From more sincere and real stories in the BeReal style, to a kind of exclusive Twitter for best friends, there are 4 very interesting functions that promise a lot.

Of course, it is not known when they will land in the stable version of iOS or Android, but what is known is that they have been in beta for the last few months, so it is more than possible that they will arrive sometime in 2023. So you need to stay updated, especially if your interest is to start your online business on Instagram this 2023. Keep reading to find out about these updates and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us here.


instagram notes


It is a kind of direct competition for Twitter, although it has its nuances.

Notes is a function that will arrive on Instagram in 2023 that allows you to write about 60 characters (including emojis) and that has the particularity that it is shared with a limited group of followers. Specifically, it will be for those who belong to the close friends list.

These publications will arrive in the area of ​​the messages in the form of bubbles on the profile image.

At the moment it is not known when it will reach the stable version of iOS and Android, but everything indicates that it will be one of the great updates of Instagram by 2023.

Candid: an alternative to BeReal


Seeing the impact that BeReal has had in recent months , it is normal for many applications to want to join, and Instagram was not going to be left behind.

Under the name of Candid, users will have to publish a story without applying a filter and it must be taken when the application sends you a reminder, this can be at any time of the day, using the same dynamics of the famous BeReal application.

A kind of "honest story" that can appear to you anywhere, will be placed at the top of the feed and you can only take one a day. There is no doubt that this possible update makes us understand how dynamic this social network is becoming, acquiring the best of trends from time to time.

So it is important to be aware of them, if you run your business through the app. At Magic Hair we help you to update yourself with the trends and improve your income, so don't be left behind and receive personalized advice by clicking here.


Group profiles


Another of the most interesting novelties that Instagram has in 2023 is the function of group profiles.

As its name suggests, it is a type of profile that will allow you to share posts and stories in common with other accounts.

These profiles will be able to create content that will be shared with group members instead of their followers, and naturally the content will be posted to the group's profile instead of your own.

collaborative collections


Finally, and quite linked to the previous point, Instagram has started a beta with collaborative collections.

Users will be able to save publications of all kinds in a kind of collection that will be generated in their group or direct message chat.

These posts will be saved from the feed or by sharing them with a friend in direct message.

Definitely, this year Instagram has interesting proposals to keep its users active. For the same reason, this application is one of the main ones in terms of sales. Instagram is a great medium by which to sell your products, thanks to its number of users and ease of use.

Do not miss out on this platform, join the trends and encourage yourself to distribute our products receiving full advice from us.


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