5 Keys for your Instagram Profile to be Successful.


Your professional profile on Instagram is a crucial space to take care of because it represents your brand on the web .

From your photo, the name of your account, your description and even the use you give to Instagram stories : all this is important for achieve a successful company profile and, thus, attract new followers and retain those you already have .

if we wonder how to sell on Instagram , the fundamental basis is to make your brand easily recognizable on the social network. Follow these five tips to achieve it!

1) Use a simplified version of your logo.

So that your profile photo is well recognizable and does not give rise to doubts, we recommend that you use a simplified and summarized version of your logo .

For example, in its social networks, the Google company it has its simplified logo that says “G”. In this way, the brand is identifiable with the naked eye. Look:

original logo


simplified logo


If you chose to put your entire name, the words would look small on your profile picture. That would make the brand less recognizable and attractive .

2) Pay special attention to the name of your account.

When thinking about naming of your company profile, it is important that you use keywords related to your business . This will help Instagram users quickly identify what your brand is about or what category it belongs to.

For example, our company sells hair care products, and its name on Instagram is “magic_in_your_hair_”.


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3) Take advantage of the description (bio) to get closer to your audience.

This is a key place where you can tell more about your brand . Therefore, take advantage of it in an attractive way to make yourself known on the platform.


Of course, you have only 150 characters to write your Phrase for Instagram bio! So test your imagination and creativity to communicate, in a few words, the spirit of your brand .

If you use a hashtag frequently in your business, include it in the bio description. This will make your profile easier to find in the "Explore Instagram" section.

4) Explode featured stories.


Unlike “regular” stories that only last 24 hours, featured stories don't disappear. These are located in a privileged place in the Instagram feed .

Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of this functionality. As? Creating different stories about aspects of your business that you think can be attractive to your followers . For example:

  • How did your brand originate?
  • images of you workshop.
  • Photos from your latest collection.
  • Ideas on how to use your products.
  • How to buy.
  • What forms of payment and shipping do you offer.
  • If you toast with other contact options (such as WhatsApp).

The important thing is that your stories Featured ads grab your potential customers and generate (a lot) of interaction with them.

Featured stories are, then, a very valuable space within Instagram. They also allow you answer the most frequent queries of your potential clients and, thus, help them get to know you and buy from you.

We recommend that you be very clear in the Titles that you choose They have to guide people. Also, add covers for featured stories, attractive, that encourage users to view the content and reinforce your brand identity.

5) Be encouraged to create content using the formats of Reels and Guides.


Four years after launching the stories , Instagram launched Reels and Guides, two features that let you take your brand content to the next level !

To start generating content in these formats, you have to enter your profile and click on the "+" symbol that appears to the left of your profile. There you will be able to choose between different formats available to generate content, among them you will find " Reels " and "Guides".

The key when it comes to generating content in this format is to make a short video and with the greatest creativity and spontaneity possible! The maximum duration of the Reels is 60 seconds.

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