Trends for your Instagram this 2023


2023 has arrived and we don't want you to miss out on the trends that yes or yes you should be adding to your strategy and planning. These 2 trends that you should implement on your Instagram are great for generating great results and the best thing is that they are not difficult to implement.

As we know, Instagram is an application that has great potential for online sales, so it is not surprising that it is innovating from time to time, so you must also innovate your strategies to keep up. Discover how you can earn income in the Instagram application by selling Magic Hair products in Colombia, if you want to know more information on how to become a distributor of Magic Hair products you can click here.


Use all formats.


Users ask for it! All Instagram formats must be taken advantage of and must be one of the trends that you must implement. Yes, we know that Instagram Reels is one of the most widely used, that it provides the best reach and that there are even accounts that have been dedicated in recent months to publishing only Reels.

But, we must take advantage of all the formats, since each user is different, some prefer Reels, others carousels, other simpler images, etc.

Using all the formats allows you to reach a larger audience, even if not all of them get great engagement, believe us that getting few likes is better than losing them because you don't use a format.

What do we recommend to organize them? Create your content divided into formats. This should be based on your audience and the preferences they have, but here's an example:

  • Reels: 2 per week.
  • Stories: daily, whether spontaneous or designed.
  • Carousels: 2 per week.
  • Single image post: 3 per week.

Having a base to work on will help you a lot to generate content more easily. It has also helped us to have weekly content segments, we save time looking for ideas and we get the audience used to waiting for that specific content, this is another trend that you should implement. For example, the recommended of the month, a segment where the best-selling products and the favorites of each month are shown.

And so many more ideas that can be easily materialized to turn them into varied content. At Magic Hair we can advise you so that your content reaches a larger audience and you can easily sell Magic Hair products in Colombia . If you are interested in being a distributor of Magic Hair products, advise us by clicking here.


Collaborations are another trend that you should implement on your Instagram.


Collaborations are undoubtedly causing a sensation, being a trend among brands and creators, but do they only work in this way? No, we can adapt collaborations between brands, creators, clients, etc.

This feature should definitely be implemented. Some tips to start using them:

  • Have a continuous relationship, this generates greater engagement.
  • Make coherent collaborations, not with accounts that are not related to your area at all.
  • Be creative, think outside the box, and make networks explode with excitement.

Now that you have some strategies to apply in mind, we recommend that you read our other blogs on how to improve your strategy with Instagram, so that you soak up all the new information that is coming for this 2023.


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