Salt-free shampoo: what it is and why you should include it in your routine

Trust us, after you learn about the powerful benefits of salt-free shampoo, you won't want to use another one!


The list of specialized hair care products has a new star: salt-free shampoo. Surely, you have heard of it on countless occasions, and why not? If it is the favorite for dehydrated and damaged hair that requires an effective SOS plan.

excited? We too. However, before you rush to buy yours, there are some facts you should know. Take note!

Everything you need to know about salt-free shampoo


What is a salt-free shampoo?

As its name mentions, it is a sodium-free formula, which has the power to gently cleanse your hair without completely eradicating its natural oiliness. This attribute helps you protect the scalp, preventing it from drying out and losing vitality. It's wonderful to keep your hair hydrated!

Why should you choose a salt-free shampoo?

Although it is very true that sodium chloride —present in most washing systems— serves to provide greater consistency to the products, it has also been proven that, over time, it can dry out the hair and make it prone to major damage like break and the fall. Likewise, salt removes dyes more easily.

What type of hair benefits from its powerful formula?

Although salt-free shampoo is suitable for any type of hair, it is the dry, fragile and treated hair that tends to take advantage of it best.

And it is that its soft composition is ideal for hair that has gone through coloring processes and chemical treatments focused on changing the structure of the hair strand (such as permanent straightening and the bases to create curls).

On the other hand, the hair that requires more hydration , such as those with natural curls and those that depend on the use of thermal tools, you will also find excellent its benefits.

What shampoos do not contain salt?

Intensive Growth Salt-Free Shampoo

Salt-free hair growth shampoo, enriched with selected natural extracts that revitalize, strengthen, grow and care for damaged hair. In addition, the extracts of the shampoo for hair growth give you softness and hydration. The content of the ¨Salt-Free Hair Growth Shampoo¨ consists of surfactants, which give you a deep clean without mistreating the scalp. It can be used by both men, women and children



Intensive Growth Salt-Free Shampoo

Editor's tip: None of our brand's shampoos contain salt, try them all!

Salt-Free Shampoo for Hair Loss

Shampoo from the Magic Hair Therapy anti-loss line, contains a cocktail of nutrients that seek to strengthen, repair and nourish your hair strand, thus preventing hair loss . It can be used in both men and women and children.


Boom Repair Shampoo without Salt

The ¨Salt-Free Hair Repair Shampoo¨ of the BOOM line has been designed to be used by people who have their hair mistreated by different hair treatments, dyes, bleaching, use of an iron, etc. With its continuous use you will be able to recover your hair again and watch it grow. Contains natural extracts that provide your hair with nutrients to make it soft and shiny again. It can be used by both men, women and children.


Salt-Free Shampoo Kids Kids

The Children's Kids Shampoo from the Magic Hair line is what you need for your children to have beautiful hair , clean and shiny hair. They are made with natural products, free of sulfates, salt, parabens and petrolatum. They don't change your hair color. They help you grow hair , you'll notice the results. The products can be applied to both men, women or children with delicate hair.


Anti-Dandruff Salt-Free Shampoo

Shampoo from the Magic Hair Therapy anti-dandruff line, contains natural extracts of chili pepper, thyme, lemon, burdock and activated carbon, thus preventing dandruff. It can be used in both men, women or children.


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