What is keratin treatment? - Advantages and disadvantages

Despite what it may seem, taking care of our hair It is not an easy task. If you want to combat the frizz effect and show off healthy and shiny hair, there are many treatments for it, but the best known and most used is the treatment of keratin straightening .

From Magic Hair Official we want you to look radiant and cared for hair . Discover what the keratin treatment consists of, its benefits and its disadvantages.

What is keratin treatment?

The keratin It is a protein that our body generates. However, by producing very little quantity and having a very resistant structure, the hair needs more quantity that you can provide through keratin treatments , which will help repair and nourish your hair. from root to tip.

The main function of keratin treatment is repair hair fibers and nourish it from the roots giving it a regenerated look. In addition, it protects from external agents , such as excessive heat produced by the tools we use to shape it, such as dryers and irons. Likewise, chlorine from the pool, sea salt, sun rays or pollution affect our hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of keratin treatment

Thanks to the keratin treatment, your hair will look shinier and look much healthier. In most cases it softens the curls and is a straightening enhancer with a duration between 4 and 6 months , depending on the porosity of your hair and the maintenance that you do at home with products recommended for it. Remember that you can get these products on our Official Magic Hair website , where you can find all the means of payment to make your purchase.

As we have already mentioned, keratin repairs and nourishes your hair and, depending on the type of keratin treatment you decide to perform, you will achieve a result of more or less marked straight hair, it's up to you!

Advantages of keratin straightening

Some of the multiple benefits of keratin are:

  • Eliminates frizz and prevents the frizz effect.
  • Repairs and nourishes hair naturally.
  • Increases the shine of our hair and enhances its natural color.
  • Your hair will be getting stronger.
  • It allows you to look softer and silkier hair.

Disadvantages of keratin straightening

There are many types of treatments keratin . We recommend that you pay attention to the components of each of them so that you choose the one that is most appropriate for your hair. Discover some of the Disadvantages of keratin straightening :

  • Keratin treatments with formaldehyde are toxic and contain substances that are more aggressive with the hair. In fact, in many countries its use is already being prohibited, as it can cause allergies, eye and skin irritation, or scalp flaking.
  • He price is high . It is true that it depends on the beauty salon or hairdresser where you do it, or if you apply it at home, but the most common thing is to repeat it twice a year to continue looking perfect hair.
  • It is not valid for all types of hair . Yes you have fine and sparse hair, it will not contribute anything to you, it can even break. It is also not advisable that in the first 15 days you collect your hair or dye your hair.
  • Can produce allergic reactions on the skin , scalp and eyes, so it is better to apply it in a place with ventilation and open windows.

Take a look at the right hair care products after your keratin treatment. All of them can be found on our Official Magic Hair website, from products for hair growth , treatments to prevent hair loss , to products that repair damaged hair.

We invite you to try the Keramagic Straightener Keratin, made with amino acids, onion, rosemary, chili and soy proteins that provide your hair with the nutrients to keep it straight and give it growth. If you want to know more information about our keratin you can click here.

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment.



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