What is micellar water and how is it used?

You have a gold bar in your bag and you still don't know it. How is micellar water used? Does it replace other products? Does it work for everyone? We resolve all doubts.

We suppose that you have realized that in recent times, a new product has been climbing positions in your bathroom. If you have not noticed it yet, we warn you: you need micellar water NOW .

In fact, such has been its escalation that within 89% of women who clean their face daily according to studies carried out by Birchbox , 62% use micellar water compared to 45% who use cleansing gel. 38% use toner and what they don't know is that they could save this step by using a single product that cleanses and tones at the same time.

And the first doubt arises at this point: what exactly is micellar water?

The micellar water is formulated based on micelles , the real stars of this water-based revolution. Micelles are molecules capable of attracting dirt and sebum from the face, isolating it and transporting it through water to remove it from the skin.

How do micelles work?

They work as emulsifiers. This allows insoluble compounds to be dissolved and therefore, the micellar water acts as an "all in one" that, in addition to cleaning, manages to tone and hydrate.


Class Gold Micellar Water , ($28,000 COP); In addition to cleaning makeup (including waterproof), it helps dark circles disappear. Leaves skin bright, clean and soft. By the way, Hungarian micellar water was formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary and has since become quite the beauty elixir and healing toner, known for giving skin a youthful and radiant appearance.


Does it work as a make-up remover or also as a "single product" cleanser?

It effectively removes make-up, but it can also be used as the perfect 'all-in-one' that reduces the volume of products in your bag due to its multifunction action.


Clay Facial Mask , by Class Gold ($34,000 COP); Clarifying Facial Tonic , from Class Gold ($50,000 COP); Soft Face Facial Mask, from Class Gold ($58,000 COP); Daily Glamor Moisturizing Facial Cream , from Class Gold ($66,000 COP); Antioxidant Facial Soap for Oily Skin ($30,000 COP) and Antioxidant Facial Soap for Combination Skin ($30,000 COP).


And for 'waterproof' makeup?

It is useful too. Say thanks to the micelles, which act like a magnet for dirt particles that are oil- or water-soluble.

Does it replace tonic?

The toner is not dead, but other products have arrived willing to improve its action and yes, micellar water is one of them. The same micellar water that you have used to clean and remove make-up from your face is doing the action of toning your skin at the same time. Economy of time.


Depigmenting and Illuminating Facial Tonic , from Fit Me . The Tonic is essential for the care of the skin, since it helps to restore the pH of the face after having undergone a cleansing. This product is used after facial cleansing, just before the cream you use to treat your skin, whether it is oily, mixed or dry.

Does it dry out the skin?

The action of the micelles is what makes the micellar water an all-round product that also does not dry out, but leaves it silky and shiny.

Are there specific ones for each skin type?

Especially useful in delicate skins because it does not attack the skin. Micellar water does not contain alcohol or parabens and is usually one of the products with the best skin tolerance.

If I have acne, can I use it?

Yes, since it is mostly free of oleic bases, it is perfect for not adding sebum to the skin. It will keep the skin with acne free of residues and will facilitate its drying.

Is it used to remove make-up from the eyes?

Yes, as we have told you, the micelles are authentic magnets with the remains of makeup. But if your skin resists removing make-up, there are biphasic micellar waters that work great on days when you've used the most rebellious waterproof makeup. Its formulation is usually that of a normal micellar water (with purified water) and they add a make-up remover oil base that, when mixed when shaken, is an ultra-effective product that leaves the skin soft without leaving it greasy, thanks to the water.

In what part of the process should it be applied?

You can use it from the first thing in the day, to eliminate traces of sebum that has been produced during the night, to tone the face and prepare it for makeup or in the first step when you remove makeup, to eliminate residues and hydrate at the end of the day.

If you don't wear makeup, it will help you remove traces of pollution deposited during the day and excess sebum.

It is also the perfect step as a complement to another form of makeup removal, such as wipes or cleansing foams.


Cleansing Foam with Natural Extracts, from Fit Me ($43,000 COP). Facial foam helps keep skin clean; Eliminates dirt , sweat, excess sebum (oils naturally produced by the skin), bacteria and particles present in the environment that daily adhere to our skin. Facial cleansing foams are softer than products that are not specifically for the face, and in addition to cleaning, they help us keep the skin hydrated.


How is it applied correctly?

Soak a cotton ball with the product and apply it to the face. Then make circular movements and repeat the operation as many times as you consider necessary. It is important that you do not drag the cotton along the skin. With these movements, the dirt is dragged, but not removed. With small circular movements and light touches, it is easier for the action of the micelles to activate and capture the dirt.

Are they all equally efficient?

The basis of micellar water are the micelles of purified water. Each one can later add different assets or ingredients that make them more specific. From glycerin, calming essences or, as we have mentioned, oils. Do they all clean the same? The answer is yes.

Is it good for irritated skin?

Not only does it work, but they are especially interesting thanks to the absence, not only of parabens and alcohol, but also of silicones, perfumes and mineral oils.

Why is it better than other makeup removers?

Each make-up remover is a specialist in a type of skin or an objective, but the truth is that, if you are looking for an all-terrain product, you will not find another equal to micellar water. Cleansing milks clean, yes. But they usually leave a light sensation of sebum that does not finish convincing many users. The same goes for gel make-up removers, which, on the contrary, tend to dry out some areas. The same is the case with wipes.

Make-up removers in soapy format alter the PH of the skin, leaving levels higher than physiologically normal due to alkaline residues and normal water does not remove the most resistant makeup such as waterproof, nor does it clean or properly remove sebum from the skin. .

Do I have to clarify it?

There's no need. In fact, if you clean your face and tone with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water and then wash your face with water, all you'll get is drag what you've just done. The best? Clean carefully and let it breathe, giving the dermis time to absorb the product at its own pace and benefit from its hydration.

Is it for hair?

Obviously, facial micellar water is not. However, the beauty world has taken note, especially the hair world, of the powerful action of micelles. They have transferred them to the shampoo, making the hair deeply clean, revitalized, silky and shiny.

Do you want to receive a free micellar water?

For the purchase of any of our Class Gold kits, you receive completely free micellar water, a promotion valid until inventory lasts. If you want to know which kits have the gift included, you can click here.

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment.



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