Clay masks instantly clean and purified skin!

Tired of pimples, blemishes, shine and blackheads on your face? Sign up for clay masks and discover a new skin.


Blackheads, acne, excess oil... clay masks are perfect for detoxifying and oxygenating the skin giving it health, softness and luminosity. Applied once or twice a week, they are the best allies when it comes to eliminating impurities and showing off clean, bright and uniform skin.

Clay, used since ancient times for its magnificent cosmetic properties, is mainly composed of aluminum silicates in combination with other minerals and trace elements. Its power lies precisely in that rich content from which our skin can benefit. They are not all the same. Their different colors are the result of their chemical composition, which will depend on the place from where they have been extracted. The most common and used are white (kaolin), due to its high power to eliminate impurities, red , suitable for sensitive skin and with great anti-inflammatory capacity, and green clay (some based on algae), especially recommended for treating problems with oily skin.

Among the beneficial properties that make the skin look smoother and more luminous after its application, it is worth highlighting:

  • His high power scrub and its ability to help cell regeneration.
  • your action against impurities and toxins accumulated in the dermis (causing in most cases the obstruction of the pores and the consequent appearance of blackheads and pimples).
  • His ability to absorption , which makes them especially suitable for oily skin.
  • The contribution of revitalizing and remineralizing substances that its regular use provides to the skin.

In this type of mask , clay is usually combined with other elements to enhance its benefits . Its union with certain essential oils such as calendula, lemon, rosehip, aloe vera or argan, can enhance the qualities of a specific clay, increasing them significantly. For this reason, when choosing yours, you should pay attention to its composition, taking into account not only the type of clay, the base of the mask, but also its other components (beware of allergies).

How and when?

The application of a clay mask is recommended every 7-10 days , although it depends on its composition and its ability (more or less aggressive) to exfoliate. You must follow the instructions of each manufacturer (there are even those for daily use) and have some patience in the case of an excessive presence of fat, or acne. The action of the mask will be immediate.

Your skin will notably improve in terms of softness, luminosity and good general appearance , but when there are problems of this type, the effects will be progressively noticeable (do not use them more than indicated because it could cause unwanted effects such as flaking, irritation or redness ).


Some basic tips when applying are:

    1. You must have clean, make-up-free and dry skin Before extending the mask, you can use homemade make-up removers.
    2. When preparing it, whether it is bought or homemade, use it in the mixtures containers and utensils that are not made of metal .
    3. When ready, spread a not too thick layer all over the face except for the area around the eyes and mouth . The mask should not "pull". If you notice that as it dries, the feeling of tightness is excessive, you should remove it (the probable cause is that you have applied too much product. The mask should be a light layer).
    4. Let it act for the indicated time, the normal thing is 10 to 15 minutes .
    5. Remove it abundantly warm water .
    6. After using these masks, the skin is extraordinarily clean and ready to receive all the benefits that your usual moisturizing and/or nourishing cream can provide.
    7. The result jumps in plain sight .


It should be noted that the time of year also influences when applying the mask more or less frequently . In summer the skin tends to generate more oil due to the heat, so the problems presented by oily skin tend to get worse and it will be necessary to increase the frequency of application of the mask.

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