Does Magic Hair Really Give Results?

There is a lot of information on the market about whether or not you get results on your hair using Magic Hair. The competition has been carrying out bad publicity for the brand for some time now, questioning the testimonials of hundreds of clients, calling them "PHOTOSHOPED", false and that the products did not have INVIMA registration, that they are a copy and of poor quality.

As you can see in the different testimonials that are posted on this website and in the other social networks of MAGIC HAIR OFICIAL, the testimonials are from real people, publishing with the authorization of our clients the BEFORE and AFTER without having to pay them for this. . INFLUENCERS get paid to promote a brand on social media, but this is not the case with MAGIC HAIR testimonials , as they are real people who have achieved wonderful results and want to vouch for their testimonials so that other clients confused by bad publicity try the products.



According to your need you can find products for HAIR GROWTH or products to AVOID HAIR FALL . You can find the complete Magic Hair kit for hair growth or hair loss. This complete kit comes with a 500 ml growth or anti-loss shampoo, a 500 ml hair growth or anti-loss conditioner, two hair treatments (one daytime and one nighttime each 500 ml) and a hair cream for comb your hair 300 grams. We recommend our clients to take a BEFORE and AFTER photo in order to show the true results in their hair, the constancy in the use of the products has a lot to do with the results obtained, since if the instructions are not followed application instructions, you will hardly see results and you will be losing your money.

Next we will describe each of the products that the kit brings:

The Magic Hair shampoo has a gel-like consistency and produces almost no foam, unlike the shampoos sold by big brands, this is because these shampoos have many chemicals that produce foam but in the end they mistreat your hair. The shampoo does not have pure salt or parabens, which is why keratin does not affect you, but you will notice that you should touch up your roots more frequently because your hair grows faster.


The Magic Hair Conditioner is in charge of closing the hair follicle after having applied the shampoo, many clients prefer not to purchase the conditioner, since they do not see benefits with its use, this is a serious mistake because if we apply the shampoo this will be cleaning your hair and leaving the hair follicle open and exposed to the weather, to the iron and in the end if we do not use conditioner the hair will deteriorate. The conditioner does not leave hair greasy, it is recommended to be applied from the middle to the ends, although many clients use it on all their hair, so this is more a matter of taste. With the constant application of the conditioner, you will notice how the hair becomes softer and softer.

magic_hair_conditioner_growth_hair_magic_in_your_hair_beauty_by_caro The Daytime Hair Treatment smells like avocado and feels very natural, it should be used two to three times a week, applying it to dirty and dry hair and then putting on the thermal cap that is sent with the entire Kit so that the treatment ingredients have a better effect on your hair; it should be left to act on your hair for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of two hours, then remove it with plenty of water and shampoo.


The Night Hair Treatment has a smell of scrambled fruit, this is because its ingredients are natural fruits, so its smell is somewhat similar to fermented fruit. Its use should be alternated with the Day Treatment, that is, you apply the Day Treatment once a week and the next application in the week will be using the Night Treatment. The application of this treatment leaves your hair very soft and serves to gradually decrease the amount of oil in the hair; when the hair is wet you will notice that it is more or less untangled but once your hair dries you will have your hair like silk.


Both Hair Treatments have natural fruits such as grapes, avocados, bananas, oranges, honey, coconut and argan oil, vitamin E, collagen and countless other ingredients that provide your hair with the necessary nutrients to recover and start to grow again.

Another product that the Complete Kit brings is the Combing Cream or as some people call it: Detox. Many clients are not interested in this product, although its use is recommended to close open ends of the hair. With its use you will notice an immediate change, you will no longer have damaged ends, it is as if you filled them in and you do not see them worn out. VERY LITTLE product should be used on the ends, which makes the jar go a long way, since if you put too much Styling Cream on the hair, it will start to get greasy and difficult to wash. It should not be used before ironing the hair or using the dryer, since you will be burning the ends of the hair. The correct way to apply the Magic Hair Styling Cream is that you should apply a very small amount on the ends with damp hair if you dry it naturally and if you dry it with a dryer, once your hair is dry, apply it very small amount on ends. It is not recommended to use from the root, since it can generate dandruff.


The products help against hair loss, they help hair that has been mistreated by the use of chemicals, irons, keratins, bleaching, etc... We also have clients with ALOPECIA whose hair loss has stopped and has begun to to grow new hair, it is obviously recommended in these cases of alopecia to consult a specialist.


The results in growth vary from one person to another, I have clients who have grown up to 5 centimeters of hair per month and others who only grow between 3 and 4 centimeters, the results depend to a large extent on the consistency in the use of the products, or use them according to the instructions, likewise the genetics of each person plays a very important role in this regard, which is why it is very difficult to establish how much hair will grow for each person; What can be said is that the Magic Hair kit works very well for your hair growth, so in the end I recommend taking photos when you start and when you finish using the products so that you can see their effectiveness on your hair.


The products are suitable for men, women and children.



Do you want to know more testimonials from our clients? Magic Hair works and our clients can attest to the results: click here

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  • Johanna García

    Tenía mi cabello totalmente maltratado por decoloraciones y tinturas, por más que me aplicara tratamientos, mascarillas, acondicionadores, su aspecto era reseco, sin vida y no podía peinarlo sin que se quebrara. Compré el shampoo, acondicionador y repolarizador para cabellos maltratados por procesos químicos, apenas voy en la mitad de los tarros y ya mi cabello ha recuperado su vitalidad, consistencia y luminosidad. Estoy verdaderamente agradecida, tomé la decisión de serle fiel a la marca y seguir utilizando siempre estos excelentes productos, desde la primera aplicación se siente la diferencia. ¡Muchas gracias por devolverle la vida a mi cabello! Los amo <3

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