For keep hair healthy , first it is necessary take care of the scalp , which is where the bulb is implanted and where the cells multiply thanks to the essential supply of oxygen, nutritive substances and mineral salts. Scalp hygiene and care should be chosen with the aim of preventing eventual problems such as itching, irritation, hair loss, oily, dry or fine hair...


A person has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs implanted in the scalp; redheads up to 200,000. Each one is made up of a root or hair bulb and a hair shaft, what we know as hair.
Hair is essentially made up of keratin and melanin , the pigment that gives it its natural color. Hair growth is related to the multiplication of cells in the bulb, which grow upwards and form the stem. In this case it is very important that the scalp, in other words, the land where the bulb is implanted, is healthy and provides the necessary nutrients for the life of the hair.
The life of a hair consists of 3 phases:
1) the anagen phase, which is a period of hair growth that lasts from 3 to 7 years at a rate of approximately 2 millimeters per week. The root produces the hairy stem of keratin , that is, the visible hair,
2) the catagen phase, a short period of 1 to 2 weeks where the hair stops growing and dies,
3) the telogen phase, a period of approximately 3 months in which the dead hair remains fixed to the scalp before falling, time in which the cells go down to the root to start a new cycle. Each bulb produces between 20 and 25 hair shafts in one cycle.


While the effects may be visible on the hair, it all occurs on the scalp.

Irritated scalp:

Many people complain of itching, burning, sensations of discomfort or heat, and eventually redness. As part of the triggering factors we can mention heat, cold, pollution, emotional issues, dry or humid air, water and hygiene products. Scalp irritation corresponds to a skin imbalance related to a succession of physiological disturbances. A stressful situation, the use of a classic shampoo, which contains irritating agents (surfactants, detergents and other potentially intolerable ingredients) is often what causes discomfort. To avoid this situation, we recommend applying the Magic Hair shampoo that is made with natural products that do not irritate your scalp. This aggression to the scalp alters the hydrolipid film and destabilizes the skin barrier. As a result, water evaporates more easily, the skin dries out and can allow irritants to penetrate, which will be the source of clinical signs of irritation, itching, discomfort or burning.

Oily hair:

It is heavy, lacks volume and looks shiny, especially at the root. Behind these signs there is usually a hyperseborrhea , whose causes can be diverse. excess of tallow accumulates in the roots, which consequently present an "oily" appearance. Heavy and flattened, the hair is smoothed into locks, which appear dirty because the tallow It traps the dust present in the air and that easily adheres to the hair.

Dry hair:

This is a reverse situation. Hair looks dry, brittle, brittle, with split ends, difficult to untangle and comb. Dry hair is due to a scalp that lacks sebum , may be congenital in the case of people who naturally secrete little tallow or, acquired, although the dryness is related to aggressive elements from outside: sun, wind, pollution, sea or pool water, intense brushing and smoothing, bleaching and permanent... In all cases, the skin barrier does not fulfill its function , water loss accelerates and hair becomes dry, brittle and rough. Due to the lack of hydration, the hair is sensitive to static electricity and becomes difficult to comb.


In all cases, it is necessary to clean without attacking or removing the hydrolipidic film to respect the physiology of the hair bulb. By itself, a non-detergent shampoo can maintain the biological balance of the hair, that is, a product that does not contain surfactants that are too aggressive for the hair fiber. The Magic Hair shampoo meets this objective, being made with natural products it does not affect your scalp, it does not cause irritation.

Pollution, the use of a helmet, intense sports practice force you to wash your hair frequently. It is essential to choose a shampoo that does not really affect your scalp, does not irritate it, at Magic Hair we strive to provide you with this type of product, which is not aggressive with your hair, which does not irritate you or cause damage to your scalp, you can Try the shampoo and conditioner from our line for growth, which will give your hair the health it needs so much.


A loss of less than 100 hairs per day is normal, since it corresponds to the course of the hair cycle. If there is a major hair loss, it is convenient to take it into consideration for a treatment.
Although it does not have a genetic origin (baldness), excessive hair loss is often related to:
A temporary situation: stress, fatigue, pregnancy (after childbirth), the change of season (especially in autumn), deficiencies in the diet (especially iron, silicon, B vitamins, zinc, essential fatty acids , sulfur amino acids, trace elements), convalescence, hormonal problems.

External attacks of a physical nature (professions that require the use of "helmet"), chemical (pollution, dyes and permanent application very regularly, use of very hot air dryers, aggressive cosmetic products especially for oily hair...) , infectious (mycosis) or parasitic (lice).

All these factors inevitably have an impact on the hair. In addition to falling out, this can result in more brittle, dull and lifeless hair or oily and thin hair.
The use of nutritional supplements can have a beneficial effect on hair. In order to stimulate, strengthen and thicken the hair, these supplements must contain nutrients that stimulate the production of keratin of quality, which limit the hyperseborrhea and promote hair growth. These nutritional supplements can also help fight the stress responsible for hair loss when enriched with magnesium. We offer you the ideal products to prevent hair loss, we have an anti-hair loss line , which provides your hair with the necessary nutrients to prevent hair loss, the anti-hair loss kit is made up of all the products you need to avoid hair loss. this terrible nuisance of losing hair.
If you are facing significant and prolonged hair loss, it is wise to consult your dermatologist.


Oily hair is mainly due to an increase in the secretion of tallow by the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Called "hyperseborrhea", this phenomenon is not the only one responsible for the presence of oily hair. This can be the result of:
  • The qualitative changes of the sebum , which becomes more fluid and therefore moves more quickly and easily towards the hair.
  • The formation of calcium salts that come from contact with the tallow with the calcium present in the tap water at the time of washing. These salts give the hair a heavier look and therefore it looks shiny.

It must be taken into account that frequent washing with detergent products can cause a hyperseborrheic reaction. Indeed, since there is no sebum after an aggressive cleansing, the sebaceous glands can "revolt" and secrete excessively, thus making the hair and scalp even more oily.

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