Care and Nourish the Hair Root for Healthy Hair

Lately do you feel that you hair breaks or is he weak? Have you lost volume and shine, the ends are open and you notice that you even falls the hair ? It is possible that you hair need some nutrients, more irrigation and more specific care.

A healthy hair is the one that is born from a strong root . Let's review a little what hair is like to understand why we need to treat it with care. The hairs are the hairs that cover the skin that covers the head, the scalp. They are born in the hair follicle, in the deepest layer of the skin, and are formed mainly by keratin . The composition of the hair makes it elastic and flexible , in addition to other properties. The quality of the hair depends above all on genetics, but also on the nutritional care and aesthetic.


Let's start with nutritional care. if our nutritional contribution in the diet is correct, it will be easier for our hair to enjoy good health. However, a poor diet affects the nutritional status of the hair. When we notice that the hair is fragile, we can provide nutrients to hair in different forms; Today we will focus on shampoo .

Use mild, non-aggressive shampoos without added perfume. Make sure that in your formula appear the nutrients that hair needs .

The vitamins from group B, such as biotin , stimulate blood circulation, allowing the arrival of nutrients to the hair root . proteins like capilectin , and essential fatty acids such as those contained in extracts of millet or other cereals enhance hair growth. And some minerals such as zinc are involved in cell metabolism, that is, in the hair regeneration .

A more complete formula will help maintain your healthy hair and vigorous. You dermatologist either pharmacist They will help you choose the most suitable shampoo.

As for the aesthetic care , a good hair hygiene It is essential, but you should not wash your hair excessively. Follow these tips for proper hair care:

  1. apply the shampoo directly onto your hands so you can emulsify it properly with a little water instead of applying it directly to your hair.
  2. Gently massage the scalp with the shampoo . In addition to getting a pleasant feeling and relaxing, you will be stimulating blood circulation in the scalp.
  3. If you have long hair, slide the strands of your hair between the palms of your hands, from top to bottom. Avoid rubbing or ruffling the hair because you can break it or cause uncomfortable tangles; In addition, excessive friction can cause alopecia .
  4. Rinse your hair very well after each wash. Shampoo residue could irritate your scalp . Use cold or lukewarm water during rinsing for shinier hair.

Follow our blog to stay up to date hair health through tips and recommendations to maintain good hair health and show off strong, healthy and with volume .

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment.



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