Tips so that your hair does not become dry and brittle.

One of the concerns in the field of beauty is having dry, dull and lifeless hair. Whether you have thick, thin or curly hair, you can have dry hair and this is mainly due to a lack of hydration. These tips that you will see below will help you solve the problem.

1. Use of Moisturizing Products.

2. Not washing hair so often.

3. Use of Moisturizing Conditioners.

4. Use of Treatments.

5. Recommendations on the Use of Heat Products.

6. Maintain a Balanced Diet.

7. Protection from external factors.

8. Haircut.

9. Avoid Tight Hairstyles.

Tips_to avoid_Dry_Hair

Below we explain step by step each of our recommendations to avoid dry hair, follow them to the letter and recover your dry and lifeless hair:

  1. Use moisturizing products: Each type of shampoo works differently, shampoos that contain sulfates or alcohol can be the factor that makes your hair dry, at Magic Hair we have the best shampoo for you to restore the shine to your hair, these They are specifically moisturizing , revitalizing and nourishing and are totally free of sulfates and parabens .

  2. Do not wash your hair constantly: Although it may seem contradictory, the more we get used to washing our hair, the more we can dry it out. By washing it too often we can cause brittleness and dry out the lubricating oils that the hair itself contains, so it is not advisable to do it too often. TIP: You can try a different look by wearing headbands or updos to hide your bare hair and give yourself a new look.

  3. Use moisturizing conditioners: Conditioning is essential to treat dry hair , as it will nourish and seal your hair at the end of the bath. At Magic Hair you can find the conditioner that will bring back the shine of your hair.

  4. Use treatments: Treatments usually increase the repair process , since it is the product that will complete your routine perfectly. The treatment will provide you with the protection and hydration that your dry and damaged hair needs.

  5. Do not apply products with too much heat: If you have reached this part of the article, it is because you are really interested in recovering your healthy hair, so do not mistreat your hair with excessive ironing or expose it to heat products . If you can't avoid it, do it briefly and not too often, as this affects the texture of the hair, making it feel rough and stiff. At Magic Hair you can find a Repolarizer Kit for dry hair that will help you protect your hair on those occasions.

  6. Balanced Diet : Shiny and healthy hair will only be achieved if you have a proper diet, healthy fats and adequate portions will not only make you feel better and have more energy, but your hair and skin will thank you, because they will be receiving the nutrients that the body needs to make them look shiny and silky.

  7. Protect your hair from external factors : Direct sunlight makes your hair lose color and flexibility, sea salt makes it brittle and dry, dust dries the hair and makes it opaque, chlorine from swimming pools dulls and dulls The hair. So please, wear styling creams, hats, scarves or turbans to be able to enjoy sunny days without any regrets. At Magic Hair you can find the perfect Kit for dry hair that suits your needs according to your daily routine. If you color your hair, you should give it extra care by protecting it and routinely using a hair mask for damaged hair.

  8. Cut your hair: Trimming even the ends every two months will help your hair stay healthy, a light cut can make the texture of the hair change and revitalize it , especially if you have any type of dye or chemical in it.

  9. Avoid very tight hairstyles: The famous “ Clean Lookhairstyle or better known as a very tight ponytail can look very elegant, but in the long term it will bring complications, very tight hairstyles tighten the scalp making it weak. This can alter it and cause eventual hair loss, opt for natural and simple styles for daily use, you will see how your hair will thank you.


Sometimes, you just have to apply a little common sense ; others you need an amazing solution like the specialized products for dry hair that you can find on our website... Try following our advice and don't forget to give our products a try!

If, after reading our article, your goal is still to recover your dry hair, we recommend our Gold Dry Hair Complete Kit, which has all the products required to strengthen, hydrate, give it growth, and prevent your dry hair from falling out. If you want to know all the information about our kit you can click here .


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