How to make your hair grow faster?


Beauty and hair are not susceptible to quick fixes, these require perseverance and time. Before starting to talk about the tricks to grow hair, we must know some extra things. First of all, the life cycle of hair lasts from 2 to 6 years depending on your genetics and this can vary depending on your hormones, stress level and diet . It is estimated that healthy hair grows around 14.6 centimeters a year , this suggests that to enjoy it we will have to wait depending on the growth rate of each person. However, this is not to say that we cannot take steps to ensure that our hair grows as long as it can and stays strong and healthy. Follow the following recommendations if you want to have your hair longer:

  1. cut the ends
  2. Maximum hydration and nutrients
  3. specialized products
  4. Avoid very hot water
  5. Brush and dry your hair properly
  6. Forget dyes and heat on your hair
  7. Replace the ribbons with scarves or bandanas.
  8. Take care of your diet
  9. Consult the lunar calendar.


Hair in excellent condition is hair that grows properly . This means that good maintenance, regular treatments and digging a little more into what you are giving your body to maintain healthy , and sometimes faster growth, will be key when it comes to achieving our hair goals.

1. Cut the ends:

Although it may seem contradictory, cutting split ends periodically is ideal for hair to grow faster and stay healthy. Damaged and damaged hair tends to have split ends and it grows more slowly, so get your hair cut every 3 months or so to notice the difference.

    2. Maximum hydration and nutrients:

    Keep moisturizing hair treatments in mind, such as the Magic Hair Day Treatment, which is ideal for stimulating hair growth and stopping hair loss .



      3. Specialized products:

      There is a wide variety of products that can help grow hair, among the ingredients of these you should prioritize the following: Vitamin B and Onion that, being super antioxidants, stimulate circulation and Zinc, which produces keratin and collagen. At Magic Hair you can find specialized products for hair growth such as:
          • The growth shampoo without salt that naturally helps hair to grow healthily, without parabens.
          • The hair growth tonic that improves the resistance of the scalp and our hair in general.
          • The straightening Keramagic Keratin , which contains onion that, as we have already seen, is a natural stimulant that helps to smooth the texture of the hair, allowing it to be straightened and to grow.
          • The complete treatment for hair growth , if you want a complete kit that provides resistance and strength. This kit has shipping included throughout the country.

        4. Avoid very hot water:

        At the time of your bath, be careful not to expose your hair to high temperatures, use a pleasant temperature . Because very hot water, which is usually very relaxing, also tends to irritate your scalp, making it sensitive and consequently brittle, which is precisely what we want to avoid —so that it doesn't fall out— and that it grows in the best possible way.

        5. Brush and dry your hair properly:

        You must do it delicately so as not to mistreat it more than it should, brush your hair constantly, it will also stimulate blood circulation, helping hair grow better. It is also recommended to use brushes with wooden bristles that eliminate frizz .

        6. Forget dyes and heat on your hair:

        If what you are really looking for is long and healthy hair, avoid dyes , bleaching, and heat tools such as irons and curling irons, since their incorrect or excessive use makes the hair fragile and brittle.

        7. Replace bows with scarves or bandanas :

        These accessories are ideal to complement your look without damaging your hair , keeping it healthy and allowing it to grow quickly, since they don't squeeze your scalp.

        8. Watch your diet and take vitamins:

        A balanced diet can help you boast long and abundant hair. Includes foods that contain vitamins A, C and B, iron, biotin, zinc, potassium, beta-carotene and Omega 3, such as green leafy vegetables (lettuce, chard, broccoli, spinach), carrots, avocados, citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, lemon), legumes (lentils, chickpeas...), oily fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, cereals... To make your hair grow you can find collagen and biotin capsules that strengthen hair and are salt-free.


        9. Check the lunar calendar:

        It is said that if you cut your hair according to the phase in which the moon is, your hair will grow more or less quickly. According to this belief , your hair will grow longer if you cut it in the waxing lunar phase , between the new moon and the full moon . At Magic Hair you can find the lunar calendar on a monthly basis so that you can put this into practice, we would love for you to tell us your testimony!

        Without a doubt, your best ally to grow your hair will be to follow these tips, we hope they have been helpful. If you want to receive advice or look on your own the infinity of ranges that we have for hair growth, including testimonials of what really works, we invite you to click here .


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