How to make your hair grow faster

Are you wishing you had long hair but you are impatient? 'Official Magic Hair' helps you with the latest discoveries to make your hair grow longer and faster.

Beauty and grooming are not always prone to quick fixes. Enviable hair requires patience and acceptance that to enjoy the fruits of our labor we may have to wait no matter how much we want our hair to grow faster .

The maximum speed at which your hair can grow is determined genetically ”, says Anabel Kingsley, one of the best trichologists in New York and London. “For most people this is just over an inch a month and there isn't much else you can do to speed it up. That being said, no doubt you can take steps to make sure your hair is growing as much as it can And don't fall off before your time.

Hair in excellent condition is hair that grows properly . This means that good maintenance, regular treatments and digging a little more into what you are giving your body to Maintaining healthy growth , and sometimes faster, will be key when it comes to achieving our hair goals.


Does a healthy scalp mean that the hair is too?

A healthy scalp is key, and often completely underestimated, as it cell renewal, good hydration and balanced pH levels lay the foundation for healthy growth. “The scalp is the medium in which hair grows. Therefore, caring for it is essential if you want your hair to grow long and strong ,” says Kingsley, who recommends caring for it with regular cleansing, daily toning, and a targeted exfoliating mask a week (try the hair tonic for hair growth from magic hair or with the Magic Hair daytime treatment specially designed to provide nutrition to the roots).

The latest scalp products can also provide nutrition and stimulation . Magic Hair Collagen and Biotin capsules include protein for stimulate the follicles and stem cells, which in his view will enhance hair growth . It is also rich in minerals and vitamins: H and B8 , good for the production of Collagen and Biotin that help the development of follicles.

What supplements can help hair grow faster?

In any case, genes, environmental factors and hormones directly affect hair growth , so selecting the right mineral and vitamin supplements to counteract any deficiencies is the best possible first step to contribute to growth and prevent breakage.


Here are the best hair supplements you can take

fulvic acid

This compound boosts the body's absorption of minerals and trace elements . Those that stimulate the scalp area have been proven to “improve hair growth”.


Iron deficiencies affect 15% of the world population ”; key to cell growth Iron is vital for the anagen phase of hair growth, when the roots of the follicles are dividing rapidly, adding to the hair shaft. During this phase Hair grows about one cm in 28 days , so finding a good quality iron supplement is key to preventing hair loss.


This B vitamin is essential when it comes to improving hair growth , with clinical studies that support and prove that it improves keratin production. “ Hair is made primarily of keratin, so a biotin deficiency can result in hair loss .”

Products that help strengthen your hair

although a leather healthy scalp and overall good health are vital When it comes to boosting hair growth, the condition of the hair shaft is just as important. “Hair will not grow beyond a certain length if it is breaking” “ To minimize breakage use a conditioning treatment before shampooing each week. These fill the hair shaft with moisture, improving its strength and elasticity.”


The hair strengthening treatments that he recommends magic hair are

  • Overnight Hair Treatment : Targets hair breakage to allow it to grow stronger and longer. The Keratin and Biotin in this treatment are particularly great for making hair stronger from the roots and reaching its full growth potential.
  • Daytime Hair Treatment : Contains essential nutrients to give your hair growth, Keratin, yogurt and argan oil, which will strengthen your hair strand preventing breakage.

Does diet affect hair growth?

Yes, and a lot. A balanced diet has a direct impact in hair growth . “Proteins and complex carbohydrates are basic when it comes to maintaining a good hair growth cycle, so be sure to include both in your breakfast and lunch. These are the two most important meals of the day for your hair , because that is when the most energy is spent”.

How should you take care of your hair at home to promote your hair growth?

Invest in a soft brush with rounded plastic tips and a padded base that ventilates. Avoid bristle brushes as they can pull off sections of the outer cuticle, leaving the hair more vulnerable to damage.

If you want to maximize the length of your hair, be gentle when you brush it . Start at the ends and work your way up gradually, as starting at the top puts unnecessary friction on the hair shaft, which can also cause damage and breakage. 

How often should I cut my hair?

Letting your hair grow doesn't mean totally avoiding the hairdresser ; In fact, quite the opposite, as you will want your ends to remain robust to prevent splitting and maintain the style. The celebrity hair stylist George Northwood , responsible for the Duchess of Sussex's hair on the afternoon of her wedding, says " Get a neat cut every three months (that's where we cut the ends without sacrificing the length). Use strengthening treatments regularly to prevent breakage of your hair and use a product that serves as a heat protector if you use hot utensils . I also love drying with keratin, because it adds protein to the hair ”.

An important help to know what day of the month to cut our hair or wax is to know the "Lunar Calendar" , which tells you which are the best dates to cut the ends of our hair, you can look for it on the following page of our website: Phases of the Moon .

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment.



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