How to take care of your hair at Christmas? Last Minute Ideas!


Today we are going to see how to properly care for hair at Christmas. You really have to always take care of it, but when these dates arrive we want it to look better, and that is why we often do more elaborate hairstyles and things. Discover how to take care of it during these special dates…

1. We recommend that you apply styling cream . 

Apply it to dry hair, on the ends of it. In this way, it will penetrate the hair better. Follow this procedure periodically, with its use you will notice an immediate change and no more damaged ends, perfect for showing off your hair at parties.

2. The first step to make it look brilliant is to try not to wash it with very hot water so as not to damage the scalp. 

If you usually wash it with hot water, it is best that you finish the last rinse with cold water, so that the temperature does not generate frizz. And be careful that there are no traces of soap on the hair. If the damage to your hair has already been done, you can use specialized shampoos to control this frizz.

3. Try not to blow-dry your hair . 

What we recommend is that you let it air dry and, at the end, just give it a touch with the dryer to leave it as dry as possible. If it is not possible for you to do so, apply a treatment and finish drying with cold air. Also, it will help you make it brighter.


4. No forget about your Keratin .

In addition to helping you seal the ends of the hair and straighten the hair, it will give you an exceptional shine and leave your hair with a rich smell. It is a good option for people who want to have a natural smooth without hairdressing interventions!


We hope that the tips and recommended products for this Christmas have been helpful. Which Magic Hair product would you recommend? Share your Christmas Magic Hair routine with us.


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