How to care for dry and lifeless hair to restore its health (before it breaks)


1. Why is the hair dry?

2. How to hydrate dry hair?

3. How to prevent dryness in the sun?

Before you get to have broken hair or split ends, the hair is dry . Dehydration is the previous step that warns us that, if we do not take action, we will have to end up cutting our losses. The recommendation that we can give you from Magic Hair is "if at the moment we notice dry hair, we remedy it, we begin to treat it with a good care routine and with the appropriate products, we will manage to prevent it from breaking". But first, we must know well the causes that can cause this lack of nutrition -to prevent them as far as possible- and what are the keys to hydrated and shiny hair.


Why does the hair dry?

Hair dryness can have different origins, which we can summarize in all those factors that may be too aggressive for the hair strand. The most common reasons are " lightening or coloring processes , exposure to the sun, air and the misuse of heat tools , such as the dryer or irons, as well as the application of products that are not suitable for our type of skin." hair". Although hair can be dry all year round - especially if it is constantly exposed to heat tools - it is greatly affected if it is exposed to the sun , especially "in the case of colored or lightened hair, which tends to dry out more due to exposure to the sun, sea water, chlorine…”. And a recurring question: does your hair dry out more if you wash it too often? According to the specialists, luckily, this is a false myth and "it is not related, as long as the products used for it are the right ones. For this reason, at Magic Hair we recommend the use of natural products that are free of chemical agents, such as sulfates or silicones ”.

On the other hand, the experts also remember that there are factors beyond our control that can cause this deterioration of capillary health and its consequent dehydration, highlighting "Psychological factors such as stress ” and, likewise, the age , because as they explain, "the Hair ages, loses properties, decreases its quality, capillary density is lost and the appearance of gray hair worsens hydration, as well as its general condition. The good news is that, with good care, we can restore your well-being.

How to hydrate dry hair?

First, we must be clear about the difference between hydrating and repairing in order to choose the product accordingly to our needs. If we notice that the hair is dry, but does not yet show other signs of deterioration -that is, when we begin to notice this loss of health-, is when we will bet on cosmetics from a moisturizing or nutritious range . "But when we perceive that the hair is dry and also shows obvious signs of breakage, we will apply products that are repairers ." What signs should we be attentive to? Lack of shine and, above all, that the hair strand breaks easily, breaks on its own and shows open ends.

That said, the perfect routine to hydrate and nourish hair in depth would be one that combines the use of shampoo, conditioner and treatment whenever we wash the hair (Looking, of course, for products that stand out for their moisturizing effect). Also, "once a week, we recommend adding to this routine the application of a mask for a few minutes . If we also want to style the hair with a heat tool or dry it with the dryer, it is advisable to apply a thermal protector ”.


How to prevent dryness in the sun?

As we mentioned at the beginning, direct exposure to the sun is usually the most complicated thing to maintain the health of hair in general, and specifically bleached or dyed hair, so if we are going to spend our holidays in the sun, there are certain precautions that we must take . From the Magic Hair team we recommend "doing a pre-hydration treatment before going on vacation and exposing the hair to the sun, the beach, the pool, etc. For this, we recommend the kit Dry Hair Loss from Magic Hair, which includes the shampoo, conditioner and a night treatment to continue with this care routine before, during and after exposing it to these factors”. Above all, if you have already gotten used to putting sunscreen on your face and body, it is clear that now it is time to add it to your hair as well.

We recommend the following kit for dry hair which has the right products to provide hydration and recover your hair, if you want to know more information you can click here .

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