How to care for curly or frizzy hair?

Curly hair needs extra hydration care, since it tends to be drier hair and requires more care. The following are some tricks that we recommend so that you are happy with your frizzy hair:

  • WASHING: So that your curls do not lose their essence, we recommend using the MAGIC HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO and MAGIC HAIR GROWTH CONDITIONER . With these two products of natural origin, without sulfates and without silicones, you will be able to hydrate your curls. Apply them to your wet hair, gently massaging your scalp, use a wide-tipped comb so that you can more evenly distribute the products on your curls to the ends, leaving them to act for two minutes. Remove the product with plenty of water and repeat the above procedure a second time.
  • NUTRITION: Because your frizzy hair needs extra hydration, we recommend using the DAY TREATMENT and the NIGHT TREATMENT on your hair. You should apply these once or twice a week so that your curls are deeply hydrated. You apply the product to your dry and dirty hair, using the thermal cap that we provide so that the product concentrates better on your hair, you let it act for two hours, at least 30 minutes, later you can remove it with plenty of water and then wash with shampoo and conditioner.
  • STYLING: Always use wide-toothed combs and preferably the comb is wet to avoid frizz. You can also use your fingers, these help you define your curls. You can apply the STYLING CREAM on your curls to hydrate them.
  • DRYING: Never dry your curls with a towel, use a microfiber towel with gentle movements to remove moisture.


You can see hundreds of testimonials from clients with curly hair who are super happy with the results of our products, some of these testimonials are the following:













We invite you to try our products, they give results......!!!!

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