How to apply a clay facial mask

The well-applied clay facial mask will allow you to show off a radiant face free of impurities.


Do you want the skin on your face to look smoother and softer immediately? The latest trend in masks is to apply those that are based on clay , since they have all kinds of properties and also make the skin look perfect after application, which on the other hand, we must know how to carry out. Let's see below, step by step , how to apply a clay facial mask.

Types of clays for the face

If you want to be able to try the "miracle" of clay masks, and know how they are applied to the face, first of all you should know that you have different types of clay to choose from. The most common is perhaps clay green which is perfect for treating sensitive skin and acneic tendency as well as black clay , although the white It will also be suitable if your skin is delicate and you want decongest your face.

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