Benefits of salt-free shampoo

The state of your hair is undoubtedly a very important factor for your self-esteem and is decisive in the image you project to others.

We know that you dedicate time and care to your hair, looking for healthy, shiny and attractive hair. On the market there are various products to choose from, however, the trend that is here to stay is shampoo and hair products free of salts, sulfates, silicones and petrochemicals. The entire #MAGICHAIR hair line complies with this framework and today has become a reference for the industry and for people concerned about their well-being. The absence of these inputs helps your hair stay healthy, stable, natural with the right PH and with a higher level of nutrition.

… But what is the base of the shampoo without salt or sulfates?

Every shampoo contains a surfactant base made up of carboxylic acids. These surfactants give the shampoo the ability to remove dirt. Salt-free shampoo, in addition to removing dirt, provides a series of very special benefits that we will mention below, with the only difference (without any impact on its effectiveness) that it does not generate as much foam as traditional shampoos. The initial advantage is that salt, sulfates, silicones and petrochemicals dry out and mistreat the scalp. By using a MAGIC HAIR shampoo your hair will be more hydrated.


Know 4 benefits that salt-free shampoo can provide to your hair. Here we present them to you, enjoy them:

1. Long live your dyes

Salt is a surfactant substance, it tends to reduce the effects of chemical treatments that you apply to your hair. The dyes tend to deteriorate with the use of ordinary shampoos, so we recommend using salt-free shampoos to keep your dyed hair in the best way and for longer .

2. Helps control frizz

Precisely because it does not contain salt, this type of shampoo is ideal for you to keep frizz at bay. The shampoo without salts or sulfates makes your hair look more appeased and softens the waves . Definitely a decisive factor when choosing between the market offer.

3. Maintains the natural Keratin of your hair

The salt tends to remove the Keratin from the hair due to its surfactant effect. In this way, it causes a weakening of the strands as well as giving it a crested and rustic appearance. Salt-free shampoo keeps the #Keratin in your hair. It is an ideal product if your hair has been treated with keratin, since it lengthens its effect. In fact, some specialists consider that you can extend it up to four or five months.

4. Keeps your hair hydrated

Due to the absence of salt and the maintenance of keratin, It is ideal for dry hair, since it hydrates it. You'll be amazed at how shiny it gets when you use a salt and sulfate free shampoo.

At MAGIC HAIR OFICIAL we recommend the use of this type of shampoo for all people, however those who have subjected their hair to various treatments will be able to identify the benefits on a larger scale.

When choosing and buying shampoo for your hair in our store, choose the right one. This way you will be ensuring that your hair stay healthy, attractive and hydrated . OFFICIAL MAGIC HAIR offers you its hair growth line, made up of: Hair Growth Shampoo without salt (ideal for daily use) and finally a revitalizing and restorative conditioner . Products without salts, sulfates, petrochemicals, or silicones!! Give your hair a new chance and try to free it from salts, sulfates and silicones!

Any concerns you have, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment!

Good day.


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