Moon phases: northern hemisphere vs. southern hemisphere

Is the phase of the moon the same in the northern hemisphere and in the southern hemisphere? How can we tell what stage it is in by its appearance?

Don't deny it, it happens to you too. You look at the night sky, you are captivated by the Moon, but... Is it waxing or waning, are we going towards the new Moon or towards the full one? And there is one more question that the most astute ask themselves, is the phase of the Moon the same in the northern hemisphere and in the southern hemisphere? With this article we will try to solve all doubts. This way you will not only know which moon you are on and how the rest of the inhabitants of Earth are seeing it, but you could easily interpret any lunar calendar .



But why know? To brag? No, because it suits you, since the phase of the Moon has an effect on what happens on Earth . Apart from its influence on the type of tide, farmers know that the vitality of the plants increases as the moonlight increases and that, therefore, they have more strength to fight against parasites and diseases. On the other hand, on the waning Moon they have less vitality, but the colors, smells and flavors, as well as the medicinal properties of the plants, are more accentuated.

the moon too It influences the body , especially that of women. According to Johanna Paunner and Thomas Poppe, authors of live with the moon (Ed. Sirio), during the waning Moon, detoxification processes are favored, for example. On the other hand, in the crescent Moon, the body is more prepared to assimilate and regenerate.


The Moon is a sphere that has one face always illuminated by the sun. As it goes around the Earth, we will see a larger area of ​​the illuminated part. The new Moon occurs when the satellite is in the line between the Earth and the Sun, and fills it when the Earth is interposed between the Moon and the Sun. The first quarter and the last quarter occur when the Moon and the Sun form an angle of 90 degrees apart in the sky.

the moon is a liar

He classic trick to recognize the phase he says that "the Moon is a liar". When you see it in the shape of a C, it is not Crescent, but Decreasing or Waning. Consequently, as the Moon lies to you, when it looks like a D it is not Decreasing or Waning, but Crescent.

But be careful, because the Moon lies to the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere, but tells the truth to those of the southern hemisphere. It's nothing personal, it's cosmic. In the southern hemisphere, when it looks like a C it is Crescent, and when it forms a D it is Decreasing or Waning.

Keep in mind that the difference between the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere refers only to what the Moon looks like, not the actual phase . That is, when the moon is growing, it grows for everyone, regardless of where we observe it from.

The difference is that above the Equator it grows, it lights up more and more, to the left; from the full moon, the shadow also advances in the same direction, to the left. On the other hand, for southern terrestrials, it lights up or darkens to the right.

If you want to know the "Moon's calendar" of any other month of the year, you can look for it on the following page of our website: Phases of the Moon .

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