Lunar Calendar December 2022

The calculations of biodynamic agriculture allow us to know which are the best dates for certain activities according to the phases of the moon. In the lunar calendar for the month of December we will show you the best dates to cut your hair, wax it and make it grow faster and stronger. The key to understanding the lunar calendar is to recognize which are the leaf days, flower days and root days . These are used for different purposes, which we will show you below:


If you have fragile hair and your goal is for it to grow strong and healthy . Your favorite days will be the root days, these days are the ideal days to cut your hair, do treatments, dyes and highlights. Do not forget that waxing is not recommended these days, so any hair or hair on your body will grow stronger.
  • Friday, December 16: from 5:00 am to midnight.
  • Sunday December 18: all day.

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These leafy days are considered good times to cut your hair and make it grow faster afterwards. Remember that these days are not the most recommended to wax or dye your hair, since due to the influence of the moon it will grow faster and you will lose your results. If you want to accelerate hair growth , take note of the following dates:
  • Monday December 12: from 2:00 am to midnight.
  • Tuesday, December 13: from midnight to 6:00 am.
  • Thursday, December 22: from 11:00 am to midnight.
  • Friday, December 23: from midnight to 2:00 am.

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We all know that the main objective of waxing is to delay the growth of hair so that more time elapses between waxing and waxing . For this, the best moments will be the flower days that we will show you below:
  • Saturday December 10: all day.
  • Sunday December 11: all day.
  • Tuesday December 20: from 3:00 am to midnight.

Recommendation: These days are not the best days to cut your hair if you want it to grow fast or strong. On the contrary, if you want to dye your hair and that it lasts longer, the flower days can be necessary for this.

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If you want to observe how the moon works throughout the month, these are the days on which the lunar phases that mark the moon begin.

  • Full moon: December 7, 2022.

  • Last quarter: December 16, 2022.
  • New moon: December 23, 2022.
  • First quarter: December 29, 2022.


Winter Solstice:

On Wednesday, December 21 , the earth will reach its maximum tilt point. This is known as the solstice, which occurs twice a year and is also known as the longest night of the year .


This is considered one of the best and most reliable meteor showers of the year. Its presence can be appreciated between December 14 and 15 , where it will reach its maximum intensity.

Another meteor shower that arrives in December is the ursid shower , which will be visible on December 22, weather permitting.

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