Lunar calendar for May 2023

We tell you what are the best dates to cut your hair or wax according to the Moon in May, as well as information on the lunar phase day by day throughout the month.

The night sky hides the keys to beautiful, strong and long hair or long-lasting hair removal. You don't need to do complicated calculations, At Magic Hair we tell you what are the key dates according to the lunar calendar of 2023 based on the criteria of biodynamic agriculture.

Farmers have been using the lunar calendar for centuries to determine the most propitious moments for field work. Biodynamic agriculture picks up this tradition, betting on an integrated way of cultivating that takes into account what happens in living organisms due to the influence of the Moon, its phases and its ascending or descending orbit.

The calculations of biodynamic agriculture can be applied to other phenomena that are observed in us, such as the rate at which hair or body hair grows , the root strengthening or even our ability to purify or assimilate the nutrients that we put on our skin.

In this lunar calendar for May we focus on the effects on hair and body hair, which allows us to facilitate the ideal dates to cut your hair depending on the result you are looking for, as well as the propitious moment for depilation .


Below we detail the days and times in May 2023 that, according to the lunar calendar, can be considered the most favorable for scheduling your haircut or waxing.

When choosing when to cut your hair, You must take into account what your objective is : if you want it to grow faster or if, on the contrary, you are interested in strengthening the root.



According to the position of the Moon and other stars, in the lunar calendar what is known as " flower periods", "leaf periods" or "root periods" are determined. They are named for the part of the plants that, due to the influence of the Moon, benefits the most when performing certain tasks.

The best days to cut your hair and make it grow strong correspond to the periods or root days of the lunar calendar. If you cut your hair those days, the hair root is strengthened more that if you cut it at another time.

The "root periods" of May 2023 , and therefore the best days to get a haircut when looking for this exercise, are:

    • Monday 1: from 3 pm (3 pm) you have the whole day to cut your hair and thus strengthen the roots.
    • Tuesday 2: The whole day is good for cutting your hair if you feel it fragile and you want to take advantage of the influence of the Moon to take care of it and strengthen it.
    • Friday the 5th: in the morning until 5:00 (5 am) you have in your favor to strengthen your hair if you cut it today.
    • Monday 29: You have all day to cut your hair. According to the lunar calendar, your hair will be strengthened with this cut.
    • Tuesday 30: All day is still excellent for cutting hair and making it grow strong.
    • Wednesday 31: again you can take advantage of the whole day to cut your hair if what you are looking for is to strengthen it from the roots.



The ideal days to cut your hair in May, if you want it to grow fast, occur in what in biodynamic agriculture are called "leaf periods" . This can be useful, for example, when you see that you need to cut the ends because you have them open, but you want to quickly recover the length of the cut with healthy hair.

The best days to cut your hair in May 2023 and stimulate its rapid growth are:

    • Saturday 6: from 1:00 p.m. (1:00 p.m.) your first opportunity of the month of May begins to take advantage of the influence of the Moon and cut your hair if what you want is to stimulate its healthy and rapid growth.
    • Sunday the 7th: the whole day is good for cutting your hair and then it doesn't take long for it to grow.
    • Monday 8: until 6 pm (6 pm) is still a very good time to cut your hair and make it grow fast, so if you haven't been able to do it on Saturday, take advantage today.
    • Wednesday 24: from 7:00 a.m. (7:00 a.m.) a new opportunity opens in May to cut your hair and promote its rapid growth
    • Thursday 25: until 1 pm (1 pm) is still an optimal time to stimulate hair growth by going to the hairdresser.

    In the garden on leaf days it is recommended to sow and stimulate the growth of the plants that we grow for their leaves or stems, such as leafy vegetables, vegetables such as thistle or celery or aromatic herbs.



    Since the Moon influences the growth of our hair, the moon can also be taken into account when waxing.

    To achieve longer-lasting hair removal, it is advisable to avoid the days when the Moon favors rapid hair growth and opt for the so-called flower days or periods. During the flower periods, the Moon descends in the firmament and slows down hair growth after waxing.

    The best days to wax in May 2023 according to the lunar calendar, as they correspond to flower periods, are:

    • Friday the 5th: take advantage from 6 am (6 am) and all day Friday, as these hours are excellent for waxing.
    • Saturday 6: all day until 12 noon (noon) is again a very good time to make your hair removal last longer.
    • Monday 22: from 9 pm you can now take advantage of this new opportunity to wax in May and benefit from the effect of the Moon on hair growth.
    • Tuesday 23: the whole day is good for waxing. Do it when it suits you best.
    • Wednesday 24: until 6 a.m. (6 a.m.) you still have time to wax if you want the hair to take longer to come out. Anyway, you get another chance the next day.
    • Thursday 25: from 1:00 p.m. (1:00 p.m.) it is again a favorable moment for waxing.


    To find out what phase of the Moon we are in throughout the month of May or when you can enjoy a splendid full Moon , we detail the exact day on which each lunar phase change occurs in the month of May.

    The time when the lunar phase changes occur in May 2023 from an astronomical point of view is:

      • Full moon: Saturday May 6.
      • Last quarter: Saturday May 13.
      • New moon: Saturday May 20.
      • Crescent quarter: Saturday May 27.

    The full Moon in May, which falls on Saturday the 6th this year, is known as the Flower Moon . This full Moon is accompanied in 2023 by the second eclipse of the year.


    During the month of May we will be able to see the Eta-aquarid meteor shower , which lasts more than a month, but which will reach its peak at dawn on May 5 and 6. This rain is made up of dust particles left behind by Halley's Comet.

    Approximately two weeks after the solar eclipse last month, coinciding with the full Moon, a penumbral lunar eclipse will occur. This eclipse will be visible in some parts of Europe, as well as in other parts of the planet.

    On the 29th you will also have Mercury at maximum elongation , which will be a great time to observe it.


    That's all you need to know about the lunar calendar for May, to know when to cut your hair or wax according to the lunar phases. If you found this reading interesting check out these other articles:

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