Lunar calendar for June 2022

Haircut and waxing

Taking the moon into account when choosing when you cut your hair or wax will help you have more beautiful hair and longer-lasting hair removal.

The influence of the moon is as palpable in crops as it is in our bodies, especially in our hair. If you want to take advantage of it, write down these dates for when the time comes to cut your hair or wax.

The best days to cut your hair and make it grow strong


To make your hair grow stronger, cut it on a "root day" :

  • Wednesday 8 from 6h (6 am).
  • All Thursday 9 and Friday 10.
  • Monday 11 until 2 pm (2 pm).

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The best days to cut your hair and make it grow faster


To make your hair grow faster, cut it on a "leaf day" :

  • Friday the 3rd from 4:00 p.m.
  • All Saturday 4.
  • Sunday 5 until 9h (9 am).
  • Sunday the 12th from 9pm (9pm).
  • All Monday the 13th.
  • Tuesday 14 until 1:00 p.m.
  • On Thursday 30 from 10 pm (10 pm).

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When to wax according to the moon


Waxing according to the lunar calendar will help hair removal last much longer. The best days are:

  • On Thursday 2 from 1:00 in the morning (1:00 am).
  • On Friday the 3rd until 3:00 p.m.
  • Saturday the 11th from 3pm (3pm).
  • Sunday the 12th until 7am (7am), and then from 4pm to 8pm (4pm to 8pm).
  • Wednesday 29 from 6h (6 am).
  • Thursday 30 until 9:00 p.m.

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The phases of the moon also affect us when it comes to studying, sleeping or resolving conflicts.

  • first quarter: Tuesday June 7.
  • Full moon (first Supermoon of the year): Tuesday June 14.
  • last quarter: Tuesday June 14.
  • New moon: Tuesday June 21.


This June we can enjoy a supermoon and the summer solstice. In addition, from June 18 to 27 there will be an alignment of up to six planets that fans of watching the sky will like. You can see more in this National Geographic article .


He tuesday 14 take the opportunity to look at the sky on a full moon. It is known as the Strawberry Moon and it will appear larger than usual, due to its greater proximity to Earth.

Why does this phenomenon occur? The Moon's orbit is elliptical, so depending on where it goes, it gets closer to Earth or further away. When the moon gets closer to our planet it is said to be at perigee, and when the full Moon falls near perigee, it appears larger and brighter. This month the perigee takes place on the 15th at dawn: the Moon will be 357,433 km from Earth.

The difference between a "normal" Moon and a Supermoon is subtle, but the eye accustomed to looking at the sky may be surprised at that moment by the feeling that the Moon is bigger. Although there is no single criteria for qualifying a full Moon as a "supermoon", it is generally considered a supermoon when it appears at least 7% larger and 15% brighter than usual.


He June 21 at 11:15 a.m. the Sun will reach its highest point in our sky.

The Earth continues to move away from the Sun this month and will reach almost its furthest point from the Sun: the aphelion , which will arrive next month, the day July 4 .

We will be nothing less than 152 million kilometers from the Sun, about 5 million km more than when it was at its closest point, perihelion, on January 4. But there it will be, powerful, warming our skin and our blood. Maybe the spirit too.

If you want to know the lunar calendar of any month of the year 2022 You can do it by clicking on the following link.


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